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Countdown To Oblivion/Preview

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So this is a preview script for an anime play that i've been working on. It centers around a Girl named Akemi and her Friend Akira. I love writing this and write a new scene every week so i hope you enjoy.

Act One: Opening Number (Intro and Playing of Theme Song)


(Narrator Akira):  Hello everyone and welcome to the world of Marinea! Life is the meaning of happiness! or is it?  (Akira and Akemi fooling around in class).

(Narrator Akemi): There are two of the world's most invaluable people.  I know they don't look like much now, but give them a chance.Though they're not exactly the most perfect people that doesn't mean they can't grow up the world's best protectors they didn't know they needed

(Narrator Akira): Trust me it wasn't easy but they prevailed.  How do I know this, cause that's us. 

(Theme Song Plays)


Act Two: Childhood and Revenge/Prelude Scene 


(Akira): Now, we wouldn't be the world's most invaluable people if we didn't start somewhere.We begin this adventure with childhood memories and rivalries.


(Akemi): We both had our ups and downs of childhood but there was one day that opened our eyes to what we were going to face in our future and it all starts here.


Act Two: Childhood and Revenge/Prelude Scene


(school bells rings and children exit building)


(Akemi): Did you bring the stuff?


(Akira): Of course I brought the stuff,(sarcasm) are you questioning the plan?


(Akemi): No, i just really want revenge and i'm afraid it won't go right and everything will fall apart and……(worried tone)


(Akira): Akemi, when have I ever failed at anything?


(Akemi):  math tests, magic tricks,skateboarding, dancing . Do i need to go on!


(Akira): Alright so i'm not the best at winning but we will beat them this time, i promise(genuine 



(Akemi): I hope so, but i still don't see why we didn't bring Issei 


(Akira): cause he doesn't know how to keep quiet, now come on!


(Akira): Okay there they are(Zooms in Itazura Twins in the distance)


(Akemi): Akira are you sure about this? I mean Yoki is pretty emotional she might …


(Akira): Shhhh, what are they doing around that officer?


(Akemi): I dunno maybe their playing a prank on him


(Akira): I don't think so, their daring, but not stupid.

 (Military officer takes Twins in the car and drives off.)


(Akemi): come on let's get out of here!


(Akira): Akemi don't you think we should look into this?


(Akemi): And risk getting caught by that officer! It's like you said we are daring! But not stupid!


(End Scene)



Edited by Redemption
Let me know if you want more scenes

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Scene Three: The Meeting Of A Lifetime

(Microwave beeping)

(Akemi): Akira can you get the popcorn


(Akira): Why do i always have to get it?


(Akemi): Cause you always lose game night (gotcha look)


(Akira): Why are you always bringing that up!(rolling eyes)(*mumbling*)

(banging at the door)


(Akemi): Akira did you wake the neighbors last night?


(Akira):No(innocent smile)


(Akemi): Akira I know you did it,and guess what they're going to come to my apartment and complain about how you blast that cringy music all night! Why? Because were Neighbors!!!



(Akira): So maybe I did play a lil bit of hard rock before bed but it wasn’t even that loud


(Akemi): Akira! Go open that door and you better tell them it was all you!


(Akira): Okay (sighing)

(old man looks at Akira with worry in his eyes)


(Akira):Good news it's not management, bad news it's some weird old guy


(Akemi):Akira let him in. He's looks like what he has to say is urgent


(Akira): Akemi,are you out of your mind? We don't even know the guy,plus he's all dirty,probably diseased and looks like a psycho.


(Akemi): You were too dirty and ugly too living in Livion barely had a roof over your head and you're turning him away! Now would I turn you away?


(Akira): Now that I think of it maybe?


(Akemi): Akira!


(Akira):Okay i'll let him in, but if he gets one stain on my new couch. I'm gonna make you pay for it.


(Akemi):Whatever, anyway what's the matter you look  like someone told you to go on a Vegan diet.


(Akira:) Really Akemi, just gonna shove that in my face


(Akemi):(ignores Akira comments)


(Oldman): We have no time for foolishness, you have to save Marinea from Total Oblivion


(Akira): Like i said psycho….


(Akem)i:Let's hear him out Akira before jumping to conclusions.Now why would you choose us.


(Oldman):I cannot say the man who sent me told me that you would find that out on your own.


(Akemi):So answer me this, the past couple of days there were some suspicious people stalking me and Akira and….


(Oldman): Oh no it has already begun!!!


(Akira): What has?!

(Oldman): The search for the elements of power.  They were after you because they thought you had them.  You don't yet but if you are up to the challenge here is a map of where you need to go and….


(Akira):How do we know this map leads us to the elements and not to our deaths


(Oldman): Why would I lead you to your death, as you addressed earlier we barely know each other. It is your choice whether to let the world crumble underneath your feet or fight to save Marinea and make a difference.Please make the right choice.(Door Slams shut)


(Akemi): (Gets a naughty look in her eyes)


(Akira): I know what you're thinking,but no absolutely not we are not quitting our jobs to go on a wild goose chase that could lead to nowhere.


(Akemi): I didn't say that


(Akira): But that's what you were thinking, I saw you with the look on your face you can't hide from me Akemi. I've known you for 20 years and once you're interested you don't stop until you get what you want.

(Akemi): What are you talking about


(Akira): Remember when we were going to school and everyone had these cool girly dolls and you wanted one too. You talked about that doll everyday like if you didn't have it you'd die on Christmas day if you didn't unwrap it and …..


(Akemi): And what did you do? You bought it for me!


(Akira): Yeah because that was what you wanted and i do what makes you happy


(Akemi): Than make me happy and save the world with me


(Akira): Well alright but if we find out this thing is a hoax,  it would be a shame to have lost our jobs and apartment for nothing


(Akemi): Trust me i have a feeling this isn't a hoax


End of Scene 3


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Scene 4 :A Distant Memory

(Akemi dreaming flashback)


(Father): Akemi it’s time for bed


(Young Akemi): but i can’t i’m not tired


(Father):(sighs) will it help if i tell you a story


(Young Akemi):Well okay i guess so


(Father): alright then, but after the story you have to go to sleep okay


(Young Akemi):Okay


(Father):A long time ago a King entrusted 3 stones to his three closest friends and he named them after his friends. Nozomi which means(Hope),Kazuya which means(Peace) and Bashira which means(Joy)


(Akemi):Dad, can I have a glass of water?


(Father):After the story, anyways the friends each loved each other and enjoyed serving the king and their country as his advisers and closest friends.Soon the friends realized the stones had power that could conquer the world.They began to quarrel and brag about the stones and soon the king had enough of their foolishness so he took the stones from them and hid them in three locations for those who had Hope,Peace and Joy to find.


(Young Akemi): Dad that’s epic, do you think i could find the stones


(Father): I'm sure you could Akemi, if you go to sleep! (tickling Akemi)


(Young Akemi): okay but first i want a drink of water


(Father): okay come on let's get you some water


(Father and Young Akemi walk off set)


(Adult Akemi walks on scene banging on Akira’s door)


(Akemi): (Banging on Akira’s door)


(Akira):What’s the emergency!? Is that idiot sending you prank calls again!?


(Akemi): No


(Akira):Then what is so important that you’re knocking on my door at 6:00 o’clock in the morning!


(Akemi):We have to find those stones and fast


(Akira): Well let me just get some breakfast and…


(Akemi):We can eat on the way! (drags Akira off scene)



Scene 5: The Beginning Of The Journey For The Stones

(Akira and Akemi talking in the car while finishing off their breakfast)


(Akira): So what’s the rush( eating a BLT sandwich)


(Akemi):I told you the stones(while finishing up some hash browns)


(Akira):Do you even know where we're going


(Akemi): Yes i do(points to the map)


(Akira): Alright well...


(Akemi): Akira we are here.


(Akira):A random forest are you sure that guy had all his marbles (leans on the tree and it opens up and hologram pops up)


(Hologram:Young Mechanic(Old Man): If you're finding this tree that means you have found the only remaining gateway to three stones. You will encounter many challenges that will test your physical,mental and emotional strength.Food and drink will be provided when nessarcray.If you just were fooling around and knocked into to this by accident please feel free to hit the trunk again and never speak a word to any living soulOh yeah and.good luck(hologram fizzes out and gateway appears)


(Akira): Alright well i guess he was telling the truth


(Akemi):You wanna do this?


(Akira):Are you kidding it was your idea!


(Akemi):Your right i’m sorry, just i dunno if i wanna do this(worried tone)


(Akira):Oh stop your whining besides i do like a good challenge(jumps through gateway off stage)


(Akemi):Wait for me(goes after Akira off stage)


(Yoki and Tanoshi enter stage left)


Tanoshi: Those half-wits led us right to it, those buffoons won’t last a minute when it comes between me and the stones.


Yoki:Well lets see how things play out besides you may not have to finish them, maybe the first challenge will do it for them. (lights dim) (end scene)

Tommarrow Scene 6 The Desert and The Traitor




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