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What really was the Sound Test #10 in STH2 going to be used for?


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It has long been said that the unused song in Sonic 2 was for the Hidden Palace Zone, Since the stage used it when it was accessed with a cheat device, But the Demo Version of the track doesn't stop but slows to a stop & fades out. Ruling it out as a stage theme, Meaning it was going to be for a cutscene, Possibly for Sonic transforming into Super Sonic after collecting of the emeralds. But the final version of the track sounds somber.

Because of that, I have a feeling this was intended for a bad ending should the user fail to collect all the chaos emeralds, but was scrapped. After Time Travel stuff didn't make it. This does make sense. Due to it's length. But was reused & looped into the Track #10. I definitely believe too it may have been the Original Ending Theme before they went with "Sweet Sweet Sweet"
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