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Best Sonic Playstyle


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I agree with Angyu. The Adventures games allowed you to move freely within stages and hub worlds and rewarded you by going off-course and exploring. Sonic Unleashed, despite being a boost game at heart had freely explorable hub worlds which rewarded the player out of curiousity.

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3D boost (Sonic Unleashed, Colors, Generations, Forces) and 2D boost (Sonic Rush, Rush Adventure, Colors DS).

"Here we.... GO! Woooooo!!!" Nothing more fun than S ranking Sonic Unleashed levels.

Boost games with explorable hub worlds, the best format to date.

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The fangame I am always planning but never actually making.

3&K/Mania, obviously. Nothing else the series has done compares to using intuitive and natural-feeling physics to go faster and jump higher. Anything else they've tried is either a lesser, compromised version of that, or abandons it in favor of something more restrictive.

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The Adventure style/formula is my favorite so far, for a few reasons!!! :D

  • I love the freedom of exploring the stage(s) as I want to.
  • Multiple playable characters/styles, with converging storylines!!
  • And the Chao Garden!! I would spend hours replaying my favorite stages, to evolve my Chao.

If Sonic Team ever brought this style back, I hope they can expand on the things that work, plus tweak the things that needs more work. :)

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Adventure. There's certainly room for improvement, but I feel it's the closest to capturing the classic Sonic gameplay in 3D.

Personally, my ideal playstyle would be Adventure gameplay with occasional sections that utilized boost gameplay, like how Sonic 06 had certain "speed" sections. Best of both worlds, IMO.

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