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Great Options for replacing Ken Penders Characters in Sonic.


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Are you pissed that Ken Pender's characters can't return unless they return by miracle standards? Then these are great options on replacing those characters.

1. Character Merges.

- Julie Su should be replaced with a Female Echidna that is really beautiful and has ninja abilities.

Like this Female Echidna named Ember the Echidna.

Image result for Sonic fan character female echidna

- Scourge the Hedgehog - He should be replaced with Nazo the Hedgehog or Ashura the Hedgehog taking his place as Sonic's evil clone.


Nazo the Hedgehog

Image result for ashura the hedgehog

Ashura the Hedgehog

- Fiona Fox - She should be replaced with a replica of Sally Acorn who looks like Alicia Acorn (the original Anti-Sally).

Appearance of Alicia Acorn in which whom this Fiona Fox replacement should look like

Image result for Alicia Acorn

- Lein-Da - She should be replaced with a beautiful female anthropromorphic animal of any kind who could be a great henchwoman of Eggman especially the fact they will have the same personality as Lein-Da.

These would be great appearances for a potential Lein-Da replacement.

Image result for Sonic fan character female villain


- Geoffrey St. John - Should be replaced with Aeon the Hedgehog 

Appearance of Aeon the Hedgehog

Image result for aeon the hedgehog

- Hershey Cat - Should be replaced with a popular Female Sonic fan Character.

Link to Female Sonic OCs


2. Have Freedom Planet merge with Sonic

Sonic X Freedom Planet: Power of Chaos Wallpaper 1

This a great solution in my opinion due to the fact there are multiple Sonic/Freedom Planet Fan-fictions like Sonic x Freedom Planet: Power of Chaos

Link to the Fan-Fiction: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/11786220/1/The-Power-of-Chaos

So these are two potential solutions for replacing Ken Penders Characters if IDW decided to bring back the SATAM and Archie Characters,


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There is so much wrong here I don't even know where to start.

...maybe except the fact that all Archie is dead, so it's completely moot point by now. Unless you suggest Archie reprint, with every Penders character replaced with new OC. Which ironically is something Penders is trying to do with his book.

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3 hours ago, Shroob12 said:

 I know they can't because if they did then they'll be creatively bankrupt as Disney's Subordinate Lucasfilm.

Bad takes aside, are you calling your own ideas creatively bankrupt? What even is this thread? Why would you suggest they do something you know they can't do?

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