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Ideas of a Sonic TV Series...

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Share your ideas of a new tv series that you would like to have, you can add full detail if you want.

(SONIC CHARGE) 2015-2017

cancelled because of Sonic Forces release in 2017.


Sonic-Max Mittleman

Tails-Kate Higgins

Knuckles-Dan Green

Amy-Cindy Robinson

Shadow-Ben Pronsky

Blaze-Erica Lindbeck

Rouge-Tricia Helfer

Silver-Yuri Lowenthal

Charmy-Coleen o Shaunessey

Vector-Keith Silversten

Espio-Matthew Mercer

Sticks the badger-Tress Macneille

Mighty the armadillo-Christopher Daniel Barnes

Cream the rabbit-Christine Marie Cabano

Tikal the Echidna-Hynden Walch 

Ray The Squirrel-Cree Summer


Dr Fintevus-Jim Cummings

(Short-lived villain, later becomes good) Fang the Sniper-Todd Haberkorn



S1 E1-Beginnings Part 1

S1 E2-Beginnings Part 2

S1 E3-Beginnings Part 3

S1 E4-Beginnings Part 4

S1 E5-No Funny Business

S1 E6-Tunnel Trouble

S1 E7-Sonic Speed

S1 E8-Pyramid Peril

S1 E9-Robot-Raid

S1 E10-Project Shadow Part 1

S1 E11-Project Shadow Part 2

S1 E12-Tutor-Tense

S1 E13-Spy Night

S1 E14-Danger,Danger!!

S1 E15-Electropolis

S1 E16-Romance in the Air

S1 E17-Can’t Hold Back

S1 E18-Fight Ensues!

S1 E19-Secrets Part 1

S1 E20-Secrets Part 2

S1 E21-Cream the Rabbit!

S1 E22-Easter Hunt Time!

S1 E23-No Way Back! Part 1

S1 E24-No Way Back! Part 2

S1 E25-Doomsday Part 1

S1 E26-Doomsday Part 2


Season 2


S2 E1-New Recruits Part 1

S2 E2-New Recruits Part 2


S2 E4-Staying Home Alone

S2 E5-Chaos Emerald Trouble

S2 E6-Speed Over Mach 2!

S2 E7-Knuckles’s Big Change!

S2 E8-No More Monsters!

S2 E9-Fintevus’s Plan

S2 E10-Fang The Sniper!

S2 E11-Echidna Tribe Part 1

S2 E12-Echidna Tribe Part 2

S2 E13-Sticks The Badger!

S2 E14-The Party

S2 E15-Quartz Quest Part 1

S2 E16-Quartz Quest Part 2

S2 E17-Powers Within

S2 E18-Know Your Way

S2 E19-Mighty’s Game!

S2 E20-Can’t Be Captured!

S2 E21-The Great Escape Part 1

S2 E22-The Great Escape Part 2

S2 E23-Fight As One


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Please take a moment to look over the thread guidelines as we really don't do list threads or posts here. It's also important to have a bit more context and jumping points for an actual discussion in your initial post.

Not to mention that we already have a thread for this.


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