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Does Super Sonic Suck?


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3 hours ago, Blacklightning said:

Oh, well when you put it that way, I'd say the best ones in the series really aren't all that different to what you're suggesting? S3&K's is almost completely self-explanatory, SA1's is basically just the existing gameplay repackaged, and SA2's is structured in a way that uses its own self-contained learning curve - all three aren't terribly complicated and use their spectacle to sell themselves in complexity's absence. Am I understanding correctly that this is exactly what you're after?

not exactly... I mean that Super Sonic could be used as the final phase of a multi-phase boss battle; when you reach the Super Sonic phase, the real boss is already defeated, the next part is just a minigame where you can't lose and lets you just enjoy being overpowered and bashing the remainings of the boss. This is not really a challenge, but it's still something exciting and satisfying to do. The Super Sonic phase still has proper gameplay (not a QTE), but nothing that can kill you, it's just for fun/spectacle. It's not something completely new, some games already did similar things in the past, as I mentioned in my previous post.

Anyway making Super Sonic bosses just spectacle instead of a challenge is just one of the options suggested, not necessarily the best one; though I think it's still a valid one if well implemented.

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9 hours ago, Kuzu said:

And since most of these boss fights are simple to begin with...I don't really see the problem? The only boss you could honestly claim is somewhat obtuse is Perfect Dark Gaia. But every other one? Simple. 

Exactly what I was thinking. They're exciting and can be learned in seconds so I doubt most players gave a shit about any imposed game design rules. That's the reason they keep getting put in Sonic games, they're well-regarded anyway. I've certainly seen many platformers use worse context sensitive gimmick segments than one bonus finale.

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