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Anyone else find Ash Mongoose to be one of the biggest jerks in archie Sonic


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Ash was introduced to be a boyfriend for Mina and ever since, he's been nothing but a major jealous asshole. Even when he 'apologizes' he goes back to being a dick and up until his last appearance, he's still being a dick, especially to Sonic. I never liked this guy and he honestly sucks

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Eh, he's facing steep competition from the likes of Geoffrey, Locke, oh, and King freakin' Max of all people. I'll admit I'm not a fan of Ash, but that's mostly just because his appearance basically heralds Mina handing in her main character badge and I quite liked her prominent role from issues #90-125, and it's nothing but background and support roles from her once she's settled in as a pop star, but I can't really fault Ash being over overbearingly protective of Mina. On top of that he goes through enough trials, and a couple heart to heart moments with sonic that soften him in my eyes. 


In short you can do SO much worst then him.

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Honestly, he was one of the more relatable (in one sense of the word) side characters of the cast. 

Having feeligs for a girl who once tread closely to the Hero of Mobius himself? That's gotta invoke a hard act to follow for a guy like him.

Doesn't make the way he'd cut eyes at Sonic necessarily right, of course, but the concern is there. Didn't they patch it up after a point?

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At where I'm at right now, no. Absolutely not. He never will be either considering just how vile a lot of the other characters are to.

Like, so far, he's only gotten annoyed at literally just Sonic and no one else and I can't exactly blame him for it since Sonic's personality type can be pretty irritable around certain people.

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22 hours ago, Cadence said:

He's a jerk. But he isn't the worst in the archie books. I would make the argument that everyone in the archie books before the reboot got pretty bad. 

This really. Nearly every main cast member in Archie had a moment they just played them overboard or skewed their personality to befit a plot.

At least Ash felt like he was MEANT to be a jerk too, not just a 'rough around the edges' rogue we were meant to side with.

I actually felt a little sorry for Ash when EVERYONE (band members included) instinctively blamed him for the anti-NICOLE lyrics Mina wrote. It shown that Ash was an asshole but as a result pretty much no one trusted him besides Mina herself. There were repercussions, unlike with most of the main Freedom Fighters' meaner qualities.

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Ash isn't even in the Top 5 of the Biggest Jerks in Archie Sonic -- even on the Heroes side. 

Ash was an example of a character who could be a hero even if they were not necessarily a friend to Sonic and/or his friends. There were plenty of characters in Archie Sonic like that. Shadow and the rest of Team Dark's one of the biggest post-Ian examples. Then there's Geoffrey St. John before he became a wizard and Antoine for most of the pre-Ian run of the book. 

Seemed that Ash cared from the get-go about the only reason he seemed to exist; Mina, and acted passive-aggressively towards Sonic because of how he treated her emotionally in the past. Even so, he's willing to put aside their differences for the Greater Good. 

Does he not like Sonic? Absolutely. Does that make him a bad character? Not really. 

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