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The two BEST DLC Sonic Unleashed Adventure Packs

Barry the Nomad

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For me the two best are Adabat/Empire City and Apotos/Shamar - both being 250 points each.

The best "single" pack would be Spagonia, and whilst you do get more levels for the one continent - it does get a bit samey compared to the double packs.

But yeah, running along the waterfall in Adabat is all sorts of awesome.

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Well generally I think the DLC for the game was well-priced and certainly a good deal, but some of the early ones left a bit to be desired - and considering they're only one continent each and regular price that's not the best combination. In particular Chun-nan didn't do anything particularly interesting and relied a bit too heavily on the "platforms suspended over bottomless pits" and "Run on water" mindset of stage design a little too much for my liking. Which is strange considering the original level was one of the more platform-based in the game.

Holoska was another early one that was kind of hit and miss. Graphic wise it has some lovely background effects and some interesting level gimmicks as simple as "Sloped path where you just keep running and drifting", and "Huge stage with little footing over icy water", but I really didn't see it being worth 250 points looking back. Especially when you get the feeling they were just stuffing it with whatever they could to get a certain number of levels, with such novel concepts as "Level where nothing but homing attack is used" and the like. In that sense, yes; they do all have more or less the same amount of stages - it's just that some are little less creative than others.

Spagonia is the exception to the rule, if you will - since I enjoyed pretty much all of the levels despite all being in he same setting. They manage to keep it fresh with lots of neat little gimmicks thrown in and there's even a speed stage that takes place during a kind of sunset setting that looks lovely.

Overall I'd say the DLC is very nicely done, but I find it's best to go for the double packs so you can get the most for your points. If you've then got some variety and you like what you've seen, you have more reason to get the single packs. I will say that difficulty is definitely amped up for DLC in general though, they usually have one or two "extra levels" that don't get too difficult along with a "hard mode" of existing levels that can really throw you off. I'd just suggest trying to take it slow, as they say; and they usually become a good deal easier to run through over time.

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So it's looking like:

Empire City & Adabat and Apotos & Shamar Adventure Packs.

Spagonia does sound lovely, as I love sunset levels (PSO Ver. 2 Ultimate Forest is awesome), so I'll probably pick that up after the other two. Thanks!

PSO Sunset:

The new (not the Act 1-2) levels in Spagonia are worth it. The Sunset level is quite fun. Even if you have NO skills like me. I got every pack except for the Mazuri pack cause I HATE Mazuri. Holoska was not too fun for me, I found it to be too damned hard and went nuts beating the levels I did beat. I wouldn't recommend it.

Chunan is pretty okay, I did have fun running on the water, but those levels too can be quite frustrating. Act 2-2.... evil. MISSILES EVERYWHERE!

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Something I wish the DLC of Unleashed had that the DLC of SA1 and SA2 had was the quirky additions such as Christmas trees, cell phone promotions, Nike ads, retro cameos (Opa Opa in SA2 kart racing) and alternate music (NiGHTS Acapella and Palmtree Panic). While not huge, they were very amusing.

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