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The Sonic Prime leak nobody seems to be talking about (Toei Sonic)

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So can someone tell me what's up with this? I saw this image shared online and saved I since I thought it looked interesting, but since then I've seen absolutely nobody talk about this. No videos by Premydaremy, SpeedSuperSonic, etc... I can't find the original tweet either, so this is the only evidence of the leak that seems to exist. 

" [LEAK] I found some screenshots of #sonicprime ! It's 3D animation series. But the "SONIC CD" episode is special one. Junio Sonic is revived by modern anime style!" -BanelSpringer





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1 minute ago, Diogenes said:

It's just fan art. If you check the twitter account, it's someone who makes Sonic fan art in much the same style as those pics. And that tweet was posted on March 31, or, given time zones and that their location is set as Japan...April 1.

Thanks for the response! I've been debating as to whether or not this was just some fake leak or not, but given how often I see obviously fake 4chan "leaks" get hyped up it's still odd that nobody talked about it.

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