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Sonic & The Guilty Pleasure


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1 hour ago, Promethean0416 said:

I did purchase Sonic 4 (Part 1 only) many years ago, but never quite got into it despite the somewhat improved graphics at the time. 

Never got Part 2 though, and I do not think it is available anymore, is it?

Episode 2 is on Steam.

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I really like Sonic 06. I can't tell you why but I just find it really fun to play. It was one of the reasons I bought a 360. It's a blast to play and wish I could play it again on a modern console.

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As much as I slammed it in the review we did for it... Sonic Forces. It's really not a great game, but I dunno. I must have Platinum'd it for a reason. Also it was pretty funny seeing


Shadow kick the snot out of Infinite

but it probably wasn't worth the price of the game. 

I'd also agree that Sonic Rivals probably fits that description for me too. I dug out my PSP last year along with my Rivals UMDs, life as a Sonic fan was pretty tough for owners of that handheld. At least we also had Phantasy Star Portable.

1 hour ago, Simasuu said:

I guess the whole franchise to be precise.

That's just mean.

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19 minutes ago, Simasuu said:

yeah Ikr I'm not 100% serious, I really love this series.

You shall be spared this time.


Seriously though, I'm going to say Sonic Heroes, but only because people say it's bad and not because I think it's bad. If I thought a game was bad I wouldn't play it tbh.

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