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Will be SEGA moving to Epic Games than Steam?


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Ok, quick post as I'm hurried. Sonic Colors Ultimate has been confirmed for Epic Games Store (PC), but NOT Steam. Does this mean their 10 years partnership has ended? Will new games be released on Epic from now on? Will the new Sonic Game (Sonic Zao/Zap/2ao) be released solely on Epic Games on PC? Is this likely the release place of Sonic Origins Collection on PC? Which are your overall thoughts?

I have accounts on both, but only buy via Steam. I don't have much problems with Epic, though that's pretty bad assuming how used I was with Steam, nonetheless, this could affect SEGA's sales according to the user preference on the platform. Which are your thoughts?

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I'm going to be completely honest here, I do not care that it's on EGS. I'll forever be in the camp that, as long as it's on PC at all and the port is good, I'm good. I know that's a controversial stance to take and there are a number of fair claims to make against Epic. Personally, I do always prefer Steam when this option comes up and would've loved for this to be on there (at least to simply prevent the headache of people ranting about it lol).

Though, I haven't had a bad experience with EGS yet. I don't particularly use a lot of the features Steam has over it. And, frankly, I don't hold Valve that much higher over Epic like others do (they're both companies who do stupid shit).

So with that being said, a title only being available on EGS isn't going to effect my purchase decision on it. The actual port job and it being, well, Colors (with all that 2D blocky platforming stuff), will.

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