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E3 2021 General Discussion, Schedule, & Motobug @ E3 - SSMB's Exclusive E3 Stream - E3 starts on June 10th

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Back after a year's hiatus, E3 is here once again! With the current state of the world, this year's event is all digitally, and will prove to be pretty different compared to what we're usually used to. A lot of companies are hosting digital showcases for their games, but as usual - there's a lot of games to be showcased, and a lot of different events.

This topic not only serves as a general discussion for E3, but it's also a schedule for the events, as well as hosting Motobug's usual E3 streams, providing a stream for SSMB members to watch the shows live together! 

Where to Watch:

Motobug (Stream for SSMB members to watch together): https://cytu.be/r/Motobug



Conference Schedule: 


June 10th:

Summer Games Fest - 1pm EST/6pm BST/11am PT


June 11th:

Koch Primetime Gaming Stream (Deep Silver) - 3pm EST/8pm BST/12pm PT

IGN Expo - 4pm EST/9pm BST/1pm PT


June 12th:

Guerrilla Collective Showcase - 11am EST/4pm BST/8am PT

Wholesome Direct - 1pm EST/6pm BST/10am PT

Ubisoft Forward - 3pm EST/8pm BST/12pm PT

Digital Devolver - 4:30pm EST/9:30pm BST/1:30pm PT

Gearbox: 5pm EST/10pm BST/2pm PT


June 13th:

Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase - 1pm EST/6pm BST/10am PT

Square-Enix Presents - 3:15 EST/8:15pm BST/12:15pm PT

Warner Bros - 5pm EST/10pm BST/2pm PT

PC Gaming Show - 5:30pm EST/10:30pm BST/2:30pm PT

Future Games Show - 7pm EST/12am BST/4pm PT


June 14th:

Take Two Interactive - 1:15pm EST/6:15pm BST/10:15am PT

Indie Showcase - 3pm EST/8pm BST/12pm PT

Capcom Showcase - 5:30pm EST/10:30pm BST/2:30pm PT

Razer Showcase - 6pm EST/11pm BST/3pm PT


June 15th:

Nintendo E3 Showcase - 12pm EST/5pm BST/9am PT

Bandai Namco - 5:25pm EST/10:25pm BST/2:25pm PT


July 22nd: 

EA Play - Time Unannounced


Unannounced as of yet: 

Sony (Possible State of Play or PlayStation Showcase during Summer?)


With that, that's currently the full schedule of the event! I'll be continuously updating the schedule based upon if anymore conferences get announced, or if any changes are necessary. In the meantime, let's see how E3 handles it's comeback this year!

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On 6/8/2021 at 1:43 PM, Ryannumber1gamer said:

Schedule updated with all currently announced events and times.


Finally, for the remaining times that were unknown.

  • Bandai-Namco's show will be on June 15th at 5:25 PM EST
  • Razer will have a show at 6:00 PM EST on June 14th
  • Take Two are getting a show at 1:15 PM EST on June 14th.
  • Warner Bros have their show going on June 13th at 5:00 PM EST.

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So I see people are discussing if E3 was worth bringing back, and wanted to throw in my two cents. Honestly, my thoughts on E3 have been pretty consistent I like to think. I personally wouldn’t care if it just dropped dead tbh, the ESA is shit, and E3 being the giant commercial it is exists to hype up and drive pre orders and make promises that inevitably aren’t kept. I’d take these companies doing individual events themselves (like most did last year), or just straight up press statements if it meant avoiding the unreasonable expectations set by both the gaming community and shareholders, and allowed for more genuine, honest announcements that could be discussed when the products are ready to be showed off. Like they’re still glorified commercials we get excited over sure, but at least the expectations would be at least a bit more tame

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