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Favorite Character - and WHY?


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29 minutes ago, Rabbitearsblog said:

Hopefully, with all the backlash that Shadow's character is getting lately, maybe SEGA will try to make Shadow more relevant again or at least written well again?  But then again, I can say that for all of their characters at the moment.

I hope so too! Shadow was in Forces so that was a good sign. Hopefully he'll be in the new Sonic games, if the Sonic Rangers 4chan leaks are true I don't see why he couldn't be playable as either a Sonic replacement or use his Chaos powers

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When I think of my absolute favourite, I think of Blaze, I just absolutely love her character design. Whilst again her original lore seems to have been abandoned (just how does she keep making all these appearences from another universe) I'm still exceptionally glad for when she does show up. Theres just something exceptionally regal about her (she is a princess after all) and she always seems to have a high class and sophistication about her. She just always seems very just and add the amazing fire powers and speed to boot. She's just awesome!

Outside of the classic trio, Sonic, Knuckles & Tails. Tangle is really shaping up to be a close contender for favourites. I still need to read more of the IDW comics to fully gauge her character, but she seemed really fun and quirky, very youthful in spirit. 

Sticks is also up there for me (I feel She is a controversial choice) but she cracks me up massively, major props to the Sonic Boom writers for the jokes and situations they put her in, in particular the episode where she has to be formal for the Awards just honestly cracks me up everytime.

I would also like to take the time to show a highly under-rated character some much deserved love (in fairness I feel she's somewhat a pre-cursor to Sticks and Tangle to some degree):

I think some at the time found Marine annoying, but I liked her energy and passion to want to do the right thing, I feel like ultimately she could have evolved in to a tails like side-kick for Blaze, but yer I feel Marine was wasted potential who's character ultimately ended up shaping future characters in the series.


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On 6/4/2021 at 1:01 PM, Mr. Ion said:

I haven't played SA1 yet so I can't comment on Big's gameplay, but for as bad as I hear it is, I think his story is at least cute. 

I’ve been playing it and honestly Big’s gameplay is a lot of fun and incorporates interesting elements like floating and the lure upgrades and lifting heavy objects. The highlight of his gameplay is probably the fishing learning curve. It’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it!

The maker of this video definitely had some fun with Big.


They show you where the lure upgrade is first thing. Really nice video.

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