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My Sonic Toy Photography

Badnik Mechanic

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Badnik Mechanic

Around 40 days ago I started a pretty big project in which I posted a picture of a small scene using some of my Sonic Merch.

A few of these have proven to be very popular so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites here.

So this was today's image and it's a bit of a fantasy cross over in which I wonder how Sonic would fair against a T-800.


This one was one of the more complicated pics I've taken, if you're wondering, everything you see there is in shot, nothing was added in post, aside from editing out a few support wires what you see there is what the camera saw.

This one was a really hard shot to get, again, everything you see is in the shot, the lights are being caused by a small firework, unfortunately I'm not that skilled enough to take a good night time firework shot and this was the best out of the few I was able to take.

Again, everything here is in the shot, the rain effect was caused by a watering can which fell between the plush/figure and the camera to make it look like they're standing in heavy rain.

I'm uploading a new one every day to my Twitter or Instagram, so pick your preferred platform if you're interested.

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