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Your favorite redesigns


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If you ask me, redesigning character is hard. Changing so much as shirt can destroy color balance character had going.  Personally I'm almost always booing any new redesign, even if I tend to get use to them few months later. But still it's 90% time weird risk, when audience is most likely already in love in original design.

So my question is what are your absolutely favorite redesigns you can think of. Preferably about Sonic and not gimmicky one (life action, steam up, stuff like that), but I don't want to discourage conversation.

I'll start with a little redesign I seen on the internet



Fiona Fox from Archie Comics (Preboot), redesign by shadowy-viper
It's a little bit of a cheat, because I think her previous designs aren't that good. At first she wore that stupid yellow overalls, that didn't match anything or had any usage. Her 2nd black outfit is slightly better, but let's face it, really generic.

This new look
- adds more color
- keeps the 'bad girl' feel
- has more details, without feeling cluttered
- is still instantly recognizable as Fiona
- mostly importantly, she finally doesn't look like Tails with wig and red dye

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Hands down, the Sonic Skyline AU is my fav. It SERIOUSLY puts so much care and personality into the designs!!! If you have a chance to check out drawloverlala on tumblr PLEASE do so and send her some love! Shes such an amazing artist!!!
My personal favs thats changed in her AU are Rouge, Ray and Vanilla! Their kinda hard to see in the art but the little she has drawn of all three of them has made me fall in love with the redesigns!


MY THREE FAVS UNDER THE SPOILERS!!!! :sparkling_heart:





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