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[Roleplay] Return of an Old Friend


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Team Dark has just got back from their latest mission, when the Commander informs them about something they've been wanting to show them for some time now, but been waiting for the right time. When they see what it is, they are shocked to discover the body of Shadow's late friend Maria Robotnik preserved in a cryonic chamber. Shadow gets emotional, Rouge just stares in disbelief, while Omega is indifferent. The staff explains that after Gerald Robotnik's execution, GUN came to the conclusion that the raid on Space Colony ARK was a disaster based on a series of lies and that led to countless meaningless deaths. (Think how America views the Iraq War in hindsight) As a result, they tried to make up for it by reviving one of its most notable victims. In the years since the raid, Maria had been cryonically preserved and scientists have been trying to figure out a way to bring her back to life.

It turns out that the Chaos Emeralds can be used to resurrect Maria. With this info in mind, Shadow and the rest of Team Dark set out on a mission in search of the Chaos Emeralds. Running into Sonic and his friends and Dr. Eggman in the process.

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Dr. Mechano

(Yo, I'm potentially interested if people end up participating. Can I play Eggman? I feel like him meeting a long-dead member of his family could be a really interesting scenario to play out.)

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33 minutes ago, Dr. Mechano said:

(Yo, I'm potentially interested if people end up participating. Can I play Eggman? I feel like him meeting a long-dead member of his family could be a really interesting scenario to play out.)

Sure, why not?

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Dr. Mechano

(Alright, cool. I guess I'll let Shadow and company - whoever ends up playing them - start things off for now, so I can get an idea for when to come into the story. I'll post in-character as Eggman a bit later, after others have kinda established what they're doing.)

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Shadow Chaos Control

Shadow stood on the freighter heading to Prison Island. His black spines seemed to drap down and his head was poised towards the water. 

‘How can it be possible? Maria.. I watched her die.’ 

Rogue approached The Brooding Hedgehog, her white ears erect and her eyes blinking. She knew this was all a great shock to Shadow. 

“You alright sweetie?” 

Rogue would often say things to illicit a humpf or other disapproving sound from Shadow, but this time there was only silence. 

“Do you really think the chaos emeralds can save Maria?” 

Shadow seemed to stir from his daze, his spines swaying, the sun lighting up his red stripes as he stepped out of the shadow of a crate. 

“I don’t know.. but I must do everything in my power to find out.” 

Rogue crossed her arms, her black bat wings bouncing in the wind as the ship drew closer towards shore.  

“Shadow.. how do we know if it really is Maria? What if its some trap by Eggman? Or worse, something GUN has planned.” 

The Black Hedgehog took another step. 

“That is a risk I am having to take. If there is a chance its the real Maria, I owe her everything..” 

A tall robot with thick plated shoulders, spiral claws and square face with red eyes emerged. 

“OMEGA! Approaching Metal Harbor, disembark immediately.”  

Shadow and Team Dark leapt off the freighter. The search for the first Chaos Emerald had begun.  

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Meanwhile on the other side of Prison Island, Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower were in search of a Chaos Emerald as well. Although G.U.N.'s base was destroyed by Dr. Eggman during a raid to steal the Chaos Emerald held there, the island itself had remained mostly intact and most of the plant life incinerated in the blasts had recovered. Even G.U.N. themselves continued to maintain a presence on their former base.

"So, where's the Chaos Emerald, Tails?" Sonic asked his best friend.

Tails looked at a map displayed on his Miles Electric, "Looks like in the southeast area of Prison Island."

"Sweet! Let's go!" The blue hedgehog exclaimed. But before dashing off, Sonic looked at the jungle around him. "Y'know, I never expected this place to become lively again after Eggman blew it up."

Tails nodded. "I know, right? Though I can't say the same for G.U.N.'s base."

And with that the duo took off in search for the Chaos Emerald. Not knowing that another team was heading in the same direction.

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Shadow Chaos Control

The Harbor was full of rusted ships bobbing in the shallow water. Shadow walked bast the metal behemoths and on the dry dock wood. Rogue was behind him, pausing to take it in, and Omega was scanning for lifeforms. 

Omega: Life signs detected, negative. 

Shadow walked past some burgundy and cobalt blue crates, and took in the jungle before them. He had trekked here before, back when the world was so altered. Shadow bent down to adjust his light shoes which gave off a golden glow.  “Into the Jungle.. Maria.”
With that Shadow shot forward dodging tree trunks and zipping on vine like railings. Rogue began to flap her wings and hover, “Shadow wait up!” 

“OMEGA! Lifeforms detected, affirmative, Blue Hedgehog and Yellow Fox.” 

TAG: @EmTiven01

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Sonic and Tails were dashing towards the Chaos Emerald's location, when suddenly they spotted a certain black hedgehog and his compatriots.

"Hey look! It's Shadow!" Tails cried.

"And Rouge and Omega too. I wonder what they're doing here?" Sonic said.

Team Dark noticed the duo heading towards them. Much to Shadow's dismay.

"Oh, great. Just what we needed." Shadow scowled.

Sonic and Tails stopped in front of them, with the former greeting Team Dark with a playful grin.

"What's up, Shadow? What brings you here to this island Eggman blew up?"

"That's none of your business." Shadow replied, "Now get out of my way."

"Hey, easy there. Just to let you know, we're on an important mission here too." Sonic said.

Tails then stepped forth and explained, "My radar detected a Chaos Emerald here on Prison Island again. We're making sure Eggman doesn't get his hands on it."

Rouge smirked. "Is that right? Well we're here looking for an Emerald too."


"So why do you want that Emerald, Shadow?" Sonic asked.

"I've already told you, that's none of your business. Now get lost, faker." Shadow retorted. He then began marching away from the others, when Sonic ran in front of him and stopped him.

"Whoa there, buddy. Don't think you can just try snatching a Chaos Emerald for no reason." Sonic said. "How about telling us your reason for finding it? Maybe we can work together and make things easier."

"I don't NEED your help." Shadow growled. "And don't call me 'buddy'." The black hedgehog turned away once more only for Sonic to cut him off again.

"C'mon, man! You gotta tell us! It's no use trying to fight over it."

At that moment Shadow's patience was at its limit. But then he realized even if he tried to ignore him, run away, fight or vice versa, it was pretty clear that Sonic wouldn't let him go until he told him his reasons for seeking the Chaos Emerald on Prison Island. And as much as he hated to admit it, he had a point; fighting would only cause more problems than prevent them.

The black hedgehog finally relented and said, "Fine. If you really want to know," his voice taking a more solemn tone "It's for an old friend."

"Huh? What do you mean?" Tails asked.

Rouge now had an equally dour tone on her face. "You remember Maria?"

"Shadow's best friend who died on Space Colony ARK 50 years ago?" Sonic replied, "Yeah. What about her?"

"Turns out that G.U.N. had been keeping her frozen ever since she died." Rouge said.

Sonic and Tails' eyes widened upon hearing what Rouge said. "You gotta be kidding me!" Sonic cried.

"B-But...why would they do that?!" Tails asked in shock. "I thought G.U.N. saw Professor Gerald's research as a threat to the world!"

"Hmph. Turns out that was all a lie." Rouge said. "Even if the Professor did some questionable things, G.U.N. came to the conclusion that the raid on the ARK was a big mistake."

She then turned to the horizon and explained even further. "Not only were countless researchers killed, but so was a big chunk of the raiding party. When the survivors returned to Earth and found out that Gerald's work WASN'T a threat, let's just say they exploded."

"I bet." Sonic uttered. "I'd be pretty mad too if my friends died fighting over a bunch of lies."


"They quit G.U.N. out of protest. As for the troop that shot Maria, he was convicted of murder and locked up in prison for 20 years. Needless to say, he felt pretty horrible after killing her, and didn't even try to plead not guilty at the court martial."

Sonic and Tails were in awe upon hearing Rouge's story. While they were never particularly fond of G.U.N., the revelation that the soldiers that raided the ARK were victims of circumstance like the scientists onboard had drastically changed their views of the organization. Sonic in particular couldn't help but now pity the soldiers that he once viewed as cold-blooded killers. They may had once falsely accused him of stealing a Chaos Emerald and imprisoned him there on Prison Island, but hearing that they were still human beings despite their actions shined some new light on them. Tails mused on what lead to the now-false belief that Gerald's work was dangerous. Perhaps it was the Eclipse Cannon, perhaps it was Shadow himself. Either way, the fact that Gerald went insane despite justice being served for Maria made the amber fox wonder about how much G.U.N. regretted the raid.

"So you're saying G.U.N. thought the ARK raid was a disaster, and tried to make up for it by keeping Maria cryonically frozen?" Tails asked.

"Uh huh." Rouge said, "And she's been frozen ever since, with G.U.N. scientists trying to find a way to bring her back to life."

Sonic turned to Shadow and asked, "Sooo, you sure you don't need our help?"

The black hedgehog, after a period of silence, replied "Fine. But under one condition. I get the Emerald. Maria means more to me than you could ever imagine."

Sonic nodded in agreement. Shadow losing Maria was already a sensitive topic, but trying to interfere with what may be his only chance to see her again was something that he imagined would have horrific results.

He then turned to the rest of the group and asked, "Alright, guys, ready to head out?"

"Right!" Tails exclaimed.

"Don't need to tell me twice, Blue Boy." Rouge said.

"TIME TO BURN." Omega replied.

With that, both teams head out to the depths of the jungle. Little did they know, a drone was spying on them from above. One that was created by a certain mad scientist.

TAGS: @Shadow Chaos Control @Dr. Mechano

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Dr. Mechano

"Oho!" Dr. Eggman floated in his Eggmobile, near the vicinity of what used to be Prison Island, fiddling with his Emerald radar, "One of the Chaos Emeralds somehow ended up in this decrepit old base! Time to snatch it and skedaddle before those GUN geeks even realize I'm here! Then I'll be one step closer to world domination!"

"And unlike the past several dozen defeats, I'm sure you'll win this time, boss," the spherical Orbot quipped from behind him - eliciting an annoyed grunt from Eggman.

"Yeah! I mean, wow! When it comes to failed schemes, nobody beats you, Doc!" the blocky Cubot added with the utmost sincerity, not even meaning to insult the doctor. Nevertheless Eggman shouted at them both.

"For your information, you metallic meatheads, there's no way Sonic will defeat me this time!"

"Where've I heard that before?" Orbot interrupted.

"Hmph!" Eggman sneered, "One of the benefits to losing is that you learn from your mistakes. I've had years of fine-tuning my plans, getting better and better - closer and closer - to world conquest. And now I finally have the ultimate scheme, that not even that blue pincushion can thwart! Now, less sass, more Emerald-swiping!"

The scientist and his robotic cronies arrived on the island, and immediately took note of the dilapidated ruins of GUN's military base. Eggman looked upon it almost as if he was proud. 

"Man! I really did a number on this place, didn't I?" Eggman whistled, gazing at the bombed-out shell of the old prison complex, as his Emerald radar began to pick up a stronger signal, "...We're getting close! Come on, the Emerald's this way!"

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Our heroes approached the southeast region of Prison Island where the Chaos Emerald was detected. Upon entering they saw that it was resting on top of a massive palm tree.

"There it is!" Tails said.

By instinct, Shadow rushed over to the Emerald, leaving a cloud of dust behind him. The others were unfortunate enough to be right behind him.

"Hey! Take it easy!" Sonic coughed, "I know Maria means a lot to you but still!"

Shadow then rushed up to the top of the tree. He then gazed upon the Emerald before reaching out to grab it. When suddenly he was knocked off the tree by an unknown force. Thankfully the black hedgehog landed on his feet as he was knocked off. Sonic and company rushed over to his side.

"ARE YOU UNHARMED?" Omega asked.

"I'm fine, Omega." Shadow replied.

An all too familiar laugh then broke out.


"Aw, great. Just what the doctor ordered." Sonic groaned.

Tags: @Shadow Chaos Control @Dr. Mechano

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Dr. Mechano

(Ohh, gotcha, sorry! I misunderstood. I thought we'd each be playing specific characters, but I see it's more of an interactive story than a roleplay in that sense. So I'll post now, playing as everyone, like the other posters have been.)

"Ah, looks like the gang's all here!" Eggman said, rubbing his gloved hands together jovially, "The two annoying hedgehogs, the young upstart fox, the government stooge, and the mechanical mutineer who betrayed me! What luck to have so many targets in one place before I swipe the Emerald!"

"Yo, Doc!" Sonic strutted forth, wagging his index finger at Eggman dismissively, "I had a feeling you'd show up. If it's a fight you want..."

Sonic gestured silently to Shadow, nodding at him to ahead and get the Emerald while he kept Eggman at bay, "...then you know I'm always up to knock you down a peg!"

Shadow mumbled a "Hmph, thanks..." and got a head start deeper into the jungle, with Rouge flying behind.

"EGGMAN. I WILL ELIMINATE YOU!" Omega practically lunged forth at Eggman - his hated creator - but Sonic waved him off.

"Killin' the guy's not my style. Tails and I will handle ol' Egghead; 'Sides, I think Shadow could use your support right now."

With incredible restraint, Omega nodded, and followed his companion Shadow into the jungle.

The heroes separated, Sonic and Tails clashed with Eggman, while Team Dark made their way ever closer to the Chaos Emerald.

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Since writing each part where the Emeralds are retrieved would get repetitive, I'd might as well skip to the part where the gang has all the Chaos Emeralds and Maria is revived.

Everyone watched in anticipation as Shadow placed the final Chaos Emeralds into a slot connected to Maria's cryonic chamber. At that moment a hatch in the floor opened and a switch emerged.

Shadow then looked at the button and placed his hand over it. But before he could press it, Sonic put his hand on his shoulder and asked, "Are you sure this'll work?"

The black hedgehog was silent for a second before responding, "There's only one way to find out." He then finally pressed the switch and a loud humming noise was heard.

From each pedestal holding the Emeralds, a stream of energy coursed through the floor and into Maria's chamber. Everyone watched in anticipation as the mystical gems poured their awesome power into the deceased girl's body. After what seemed like a minute, the process stopped.

Maria's chamber then reclined upwards and opened up. Shadow carefully approached his friend, when she slowly opened her eyes. Eliciting a shocked gasp from him. The others were equally awestruck. Sonic stared in disbelief, Tails quietly muttered "No way...", Amy started to get tears in her eyes, and Rouge stood in stunned silence.

Maria slowly walked out of the chamber and caught glimpse of the black hedgehog she was such close friends with.

"...Shadow?" Maria uttered.

At that point Shadow started shedding tears. Something that Sonic thought he would never see.

"Maria..." Shadow whispered.

She then had a big smile on her face and started crying as well. Maria then rushed towards Shadow and embraced them. The sheer amount of happiness emanating from the two could practically be felt by Sonic and the others. Everyone cheered as the two friends reunited for the first time in 50 years.

And for the first time since that tragic day, Shadow was truly happy.

@Dr. Mechano you do the next part. Where Eggman, while having a tantrum over losing the Chaos Emeralds, is astonished upon seeing Maria from one of his drones and realizes WHY Shadow wanted the Emeralds. He then gives off exposition to Orbot and Cubot explaining that Maria is his cousin and even revealing they knew each other as children. Afterwards Eggman hatches a plan in which he uses Maria as ransom.

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