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Sonic R2 Idea


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Here is my idea for how a sequel to Sonic R would go:



Sonic: Double Jump

Tails: Fly

Knuckles: Glide and Climb

Amy: Hammer

Eggman: Hover Car and Laser

Metal Sonic: Hover and Double Jump

Tails Doll: Fly +

Metal Knuckles: Glide +

Egg Robo: Hover and Laser +

Fang: Bounce and Popgun

Bean: Bombs

Bark: Claw Attack

Heavy King: Dash Attack

Vector: Belly Dive

Espio: Grappling Hook

Charmy: Hover and Fly

Mighty: Drop Dash

Ray: Float

Super Sonic: Float and Double Jump +


Resort Island

Radical City

Regal Ruins

Reactive Factory

Radiant Emerald

Green Hill

Mystic Caves

Ice Cap

Lava Reef

Stardust Speedway

Titanic Monarch

Master Shrine

R Arena

Loop Lake

Spaceport Plant (Yes, this is a reference to Spaceport from Forces)

Deadly Deep

Fearsome Fleet

Time Track

Gravel Graveyard

Death Egg

Universal Utopia

Phantom Illusion

Story Mode:


Eggman and some of his robots have joined the second World Grand Prix! Now Sonic, Tails and Knuckles must complete all the cups and find the Chaos Emeralds. They find the Emeralds by entering hard, but optional Chaos Races against clones of other racers. The host of the Grind Prix turns out to be a monster named Negito who was sealed away for being too powerful, and he uses the Negative Chaos Energy to free himself from his weak form. Eggman teams up with Sonic and while Eggman makes a weapon to defeat the monster, Sonic goes super and weakens Negito so the weapon can re-seal him. They fight in the place where Negito terrorised before his sealing. Sonic wins and Eggman fires the weapon. The credits roll right before the heroes and villains start a new battle... (P.S. I incorporated Spaceport from Forces and Boom Boo from Adventure 2, but this is still Classic Sonic.)

Missions: There are 5 cups that need to be completed in order to complete the game. There is also a secret cup that can be unlocked by beating 5-Boss with all Chaos Emeralds. Plus there is bonus cup you can do after beating X-Boss. You have a world map where you can select races from. There are paths that show where the next race in a cup is. The first 4 missions are races, the fifth is a boss. Chase the boss around and attack them while avoiding their attacks. The boss is on the same track as one of the cup's races.

South Cup:

1-1: Green Hill

1-2 Resort Island

1-3 R Arena

1-4: Deadly Deep

1-Boss: Double D Wreckers (Green Hill)

West Cup:

2-1: Radical City

2-2: Gravel Graveyard

2-3 Mystic Caves

2-4 Spaceport Plant

2-Boss: Meter Droid (Spaceport Plant)

Angel Cup:

3-1: Master Shrine

3-2: Ice Cap

3-3: Regal Ruins

3-4: Lava Reef

3-Boss: King Boom Boo (Regal Ruins)

Chrono Cup:

4-1: Loop Lake

4-2: Stardust Speedway

4-3: Reactive Factory

4-4: Time Track

4-Boss: Mecha Sonic (Stardust Speedway)

Badnik Cup:

5-1: Fearsome Fleet

5-2: Titanic Monarch

5-Mini-Boss: Phantom King (Titanic Monarch)

5-3: Death Egg

5-4: Radiant Emerald

5-Boss: Egg Titan (Radiant Emerald)

Negative Cup:

X-1: Deadly Deep

X-2: Gravel Graveyard

X-3: Ice Cap

X-4: Reactive Factory

X-5: Universal Utopia

X-Boss: Negito (Ultimate Utopia)

Ruby Cup:

?-1: Green Hill

?-B1: Double D Wrecker Encore (Green Hill)

?-2: Spaceport Plant

?-B2: Meter Droid Encore (Spaceport Plant)

?-3: Regal Ruins

?-B3: King Boom Boo Encore (Regal Ruins)

?-4: Stardust Speedway

?-B4: Mecha Sonic Encore (Stardust Speedway)

?-?: Ruby Delusion

?-Boss: Phantom King Encore and Phantom Ruby Core (Ruby Delusion)


Some extra things they could add are skins. Maybe by doing stuff like beating cups in Story Mode or finding hidden items in Race Mode could unlock skins. Maybe a Retro Sonic skin for finding something in Green Hill Race Mode, or a Pharaoh Knuckles for beating the Angel Cup in Story Mode?


I spent a good hour or two working on this so I hope you like my ideas. Maybe you could share some of your ideas for a Sonic R sequel! Also, if you have a big question, comment it. I'll respond if I can.

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18 hours ago, Shadow Chaos Control said:

I find your lack of Shadow The Hedgehog disturbing… 

That said you really did put in a lot of effort. My only critique is above. ;) 

It has no Shadow because it is Classic Sonic. There are only some parts inspired by Modern Sonic games. Shadow is exclusive to Modern Sonic.

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6 hours ago, ALY said:

It has no Shadow because it is Classic Sonic. There are only some parts inspired by Modern Sonic games. Shadow is exclusive to Modern Sonic.

Go home Iizuka. We won't be fooled, we know it's you.

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