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Sonic Colors Ultimate OST "Recolors" announced


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SEGA announced today that Sonic Colors Ultimate OST "Recolors" is getting a physical release; which is made up of remixes and remasters of Colors original OST as well as new music for the Metal Sonic Rival Rush mode.


This release (which is already available for pre-order) will feature two discs with the following tracks:


01. Reach For The Stars (Re-Colors)
02. Tropical Resort --Act 1 (Remix)
03. Tropical Resort --Act 2 (Remix)
04. Tropical Resort --Act 3 (Remix) 
05. vs. Rotatatron & Refreshinator (Remix)
06. Sweet Mountain --Act 1 (Remix)
07. Sweet Mountain --Act 2 (Remix)
08. Sweet Mountain --Act 3 (Remix)
09. vs. Captain Jelly & Admiral Jelly (Remix)
10. Starlight Carnival --Act 1 (Remix)
11. Starlight Carnival --Act 2 (Remix)
12. Starlight Carnival --Act 3 (Remix) 
13. vs. Orcan & Skullian (Remix)
14. Rival Rush --Start
15. Rival Rush --vs. Metal Sonic
16. Rival Rush
17. Rival Rush --Win
18. Rival Rush --Lost
19. Reach For The Stars --Opening Theme-(Remaster)
20. Speak With Your Heart --Ending Theme-(Remaster)

01. Theme of Sonic Colors (Remaster)
02. World Map (Remaster)
03. Planet Wisp- Act 1 (Remix)
04. Planet Wisp --Act 2 (Remix)
05. Planet Wisp --Act 3 (Remix)
06. Aquarium Park --Act 1 (Remix)
07. Aquarium Park --Act 2 (Remix) 
08. Aquarium Park --Act 3 (Remix)
09. Color Power --Jade Ghost
10. Asteroid Coaster --Act 1 (Remix)
11. Asteroid Coaster --Act 2 (Remix)
12. Asteroid Coaster --Act 3 (Remix)
13. Terminal Velocity --Act 1 ( Remix)
14. Terminal Velocity --Act 2 (Remix)
15. vs. Nega-Wisp Armor --Phase 1 (Remix)
16. vs. Nega-Wisp Armor --Phase 2 (Remix)
17. Boss Stage Clear (Remaster)
18. Speak With Your Heart (Rainbow Mix)

I'm pleased the remixed music is getting a physical release. I really like some of the remixes we've heard.

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I like the name recolors, simple name but its fitting. Hoping we get this on services like spotify as well, I'd love to have the symphony remixes of the vocal tracks easily available. I assume they're included? There is like 3 remixes of each track so one is bound to be the Symphony rendition surely.

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Interesting, there's new music for the races with Metal Sonic. Wonder if it's gonna be ye' old Stardust Speedway Bad Future or maybe, MAYBE, a remix of the only good song in Sonic 4 Episode 2, Metal's boss theme.

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26 minutes ago, Jango said:

Interesting, there's new music for the races with Metal Sonic. Wonder if it's gonna be ye' old Stardust Speedway Bad Future or maybe, MAYBE, a remix of the only good song in Sonic 4 Episode 2, Metal's boss theme.

Give me a Look a Like remix so I can die in peace already 

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The soundtrack is now out on Spotify and iTunes!

Interestingly, the breakdown of artists is as follows:

Tomoya Ohtani - Vocal Themes, Jade Ghost, Tropical Resort, Starlight Carnival, Aquarium Park

Kenichi Tokoi - Rival Rush, Sweet Mountain, Planet Wisp, Asteroid Coaster

Jun Senoue - Terminal Velocity, Boss Themes (excluding Nega Wisp Armor Phase 1)

Hideaki Kobayashi - Nega Wisp Armor Phase 1

In short, the main six zones all had their remixes handled by the original composer for said zone.

About exactly what I expected, all the musical styles match up... but it is strange in the context of how reviled Sweet Mountain's straight downgrade was, that the original composer was responsible - especially considering how all-out he went on remixing Planet Wisp.  (I guess in that regard, Ohtani's minimalist work on Tropical Resort Act 1/3 is also a bit strange next to Aquarium Park going all-out for all three themes).

I'm about to listen now, so I'll be back later to comment on how the "remaster" tracks compare to the originals, if noticably at all (it's worth mentioning that the vocal themes have both their in-game remixed form and a remaster available on the soundtrack, which I believe is exclusive to said release as the game only contained the remixed forms).

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Well, gave it a listen - the "remaster" tracks are very subtle, I'm sure something has been done but they sounded identical to the originals by my ears.

Might as well use the opportunity to express my thoughts on the OST overall:

Reach for the Stars - While the soft piano intro/outro don't suit the opening movie, I really love this version, fantastic remix.

Tropical Resort - Inoffensive but nothing special - they're not quite as high energy as the originals, but the remixes don't really give a new life to the songs either.

Sweet Mountain - Definitely a downgrade - they're not terrible, but again, feel low energy compared to the originals.

Starlight Carnival - These ones are good - if the previous two zones are minor downgrades in energy, Act 1/3 here are minor upgrades.  Act 2 is just a decent remix even if it isn't particularly creative.

Planet Wisp - Act 3 is forgettable for me, but Acts 1 and 2 are awesome, even if they don't quite fit in-game.  Act 2 was a surprise highlight of the whole OST for me - the opening is just so unique in mood, I dig it a bunch.

Aquarium Park - Like Planet Wisp, not super fitting for the gameplay, but great remixes.  Full of energy but didn't completely ditch the original personality of the stage.

Asteroid Coaster - Pretty much Sweet Mountain over again, a minor downgrade in energy, and one of the few places where I'm glad the remixes come first in the zone because the original "Act 3" track is a much more intense theme for the final regular stage of the game.

Terminal Velocity - Out-and-out improvements.  Act 1 didn't have much to improve on, but Act 2 really ups the intensity for that final escape... well, if you could only hear the dang thing over the sfx in-game, anyway.

Regular Boss Themes - Generally all upgrades, though would've worked better if we had the originals for the first 3 bosses and the remixes for the second 3.

Final Boss Themes - Just minor upgrades here, and I actually really don't like what they did with Phase 2.  The best part, where the Reach for the Stars melody falls away into an original, desperate sounding tune just before the loop, has been kinda butchered in this version, with what was once the main melody and the backing melody kind of fighting over each other and sounding a bit jumbled.  Really disappointing.

Rival Rush - Solid, unremarkable track.  Fits into the soundtrack but wish it was better than "just fine".

Speak With Your Heart - I adored the dip into this version during the anniversary concert but having the whole song sound like this is a bit too "out there" compared to the original.  Like Planet Wisp and Aquarium Park, this is a great remix, but is great for how it mixes up the original, rather than being a straight upgrade, so it's a shame this is the first version of this song that modern players will hear.

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