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Tails Post-Mutation- A 2D platformer made by yours truely (coming to SAGE, hopefully)


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This work-in-progress game in Unity is a 2D platformer called Tails Post-Mutation. No, it is not a Sonic fan game. I’m just using tails as a placeholder. Anyway, the core of the game is: Mutation. Basically, you fight the enemies until they’re stunned, then you pour one of five colored mutagens on them to mutate them into cute creatures. I’m hoping to submit to have the game playable at SAGE in the hopes I can finally playtest this. In the meantime, enjoy these screenshots. 













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Nice dude, keep at it. The concept seems super cool. The concept of mutating enemies is interesting, and maybe this could allow the character to gain more abilities or something? There's a lot you could do with the concept, so good luck

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So, it turned out that I forgot to put in the DLLs with the exe when I submitted the game and, as a result, the mods couldn’t load it. I didn’t catch this until the day SAGE began, and I only just now found the problem. Since the event already started, I decided to pull out. Sorry, guys.

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