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New Feature: 'Our Picks' Section Highlights the Best of SSMB


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The changes keep on coming, don't they? After our ongoing 'spring' cleaning of the Sonic discussion forums (which isn't finished, by the way - there's a lot of stuff to re-organise, at least a decade and a half's worth), we rolled out a new feature for the SSMB/TSS. It's called 'Our Picks', and allows site staff (and forum moderators) to highlight interesting and hot topics they see posted across the community.

We are nothing without the incredible community that comes here and shares news, opinions and stories with one another. It's what separates TSS/SSMB from every other fansite, and we're going to be highlighting that dedication even more over the coming months. 'Our Picks' is part of that emphasis on you - the true blue Sonic fan!


You can visit the Our Picks section here. There will also be an Our Picks widget set underneath the forum list on the SSMB homepage. Refer to it to catch up on the best topics and content across the entire Sonic community on a given day. As this feature evolves, we will also highlight fantastic material posted in our archives - from fantastic SSMB Community Events to snapshots of everyone's reactions to hot stories of yesteryear.

We will also be looking to tie rewards into this system in the future, so those of you who share the hottest news the second it drops (remember, if you're posting in the Sonic discussion forums - New News = New Topic!) will be recognised for being a fantastic member of the Sonic the Hedgehog online community.

Hope you find the Our Picks feature useful, and let us know what you think of these changes in the reply box below!

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