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Sonic Colours Ultimate - Trophies/Achievements Revealed


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A bit later than normal, but trophy tracking sites have finally been updated with the trophy/achievement information for Colours Ultimate, just hours ahead of Ultimate's release. With over 40 trophies/achievements present, there thankfully isn't anything too grindy, compared to Sonic Forces' trophy set. We do have some possibly tricky ones like beating bosses in less than three hits and such, but nothing too bad comparatively. Without further ado: 



  • Big Fantastic Achievement - Unlock all trophies


  • ...All I Got Is This Tropical Resort T-Shirt - Complete Tropical Resort
  • Sugar Rush - Complete Sweet Mountain
  • What Happens in Starlight Carnival... - Complete Starlight Carnival 
  • Be Free - Complete Planet Wisp
  • Bucket O' Sushi - Complete Aquarium Park
  • Zero Gravity Thrill Ride - Complete Asteroid Coaster 
  • My Body is a Weapon - Destroy 50 Enemies Using Homing Shots
  • Going Green! - Collect the Green Chaos Emerald
  • A Day in the Sun - Collect the Yellow Chaos Emerald
  • Silver Certificate - Collect the Silver Chaos Emerald
  • Big Red Rock - Collect the Red Chaos Emerald
  • Colour of Royalty - Collect the Purple Chaos Emerald
  • Blue Me Away! - Collect the Blue Chaos Emerald
  • What's a Cyan?! - Collect the Cyan Chaos Emerald
  • Flying Low - Complete a stage as Super Sonic
  • Destroyer - Destroy 100 Enemies Using Homing Shots
  • Take That, Me! - Beat a Previous Best on Any Level
  • Why Are Records Made? To Be BROKEN! - Set a Personal Best, and Then Break All of the Numbers on the Results Screen
  • A Student - Get an 'A' Rank or Higher on Any Act
  • Tropical Domination - Get 100% in Tropical Resort
  • The Taste of Perfection - Get 100% in Sweet Mountain
  • Carnival of Completion - Get 100% in Starlight Carnival
  • Wisp It, Wisp It Good! - Get 100% in Planet Wisp
  • Soaked in Excellence - Get 100% in Aquarium Park
  • Interstellar Coaster Crusher - Get 100% in Asteroid Coaster
  • Running the Gauntlet - Get 100% in Terminal Velocity 
  • Stay on Target - Destroy 100 enemies using Sweet Spot Homing Attacks
  • Crushing the Captain - Defeat Captain Jelly with Less than 3 Hits
  • Crashing the Party Barge - Get an 'S' Rank against Frigate Orcan 
  • Fast as a Shark - Defeat Admiral Jelly with Less than 3 Hits
  • Smash 'N Grab - Get an 'S' Rank against Frigate Skullian 
  • Breaking Ranks - Break every Rank from 'D' to 'S' on the Results Screen
  • Giving Credits where Credits Due - Play through the Credits Level
  • Steppin' Up - Score 100,000 points in one run using Quick Step.


  • I Foiled a Plot and I Liked It! - Complete Terminal Velocity 
  • The Complete Set - Collect All 5 Red Star Rings in One Level
  • Ooooh! Shiny! - Get An 'S' Rank in Any Level
  • Reach for the Stars - Grab all 5 Red Star Rings in One Run on Any Act
  • Harder than You Think - Complete Any Act without Collecting Any Rings
  • Precious - Collect 300 Rings in One Run
  • Long Haul - Complete Egg Shuttle
  • Handing Out Shiners - Defeat Rotatatron with Less than 3 Hits
  • Eye of the Hedgehog - Defeat Refreshinator with Less than 3 Hits


  • No Ring Left Behind - Collect All 30 Red Star Rings From Any Area
  • Putting a Spin on the Negative - Get an 'S' Rank Against the Nega-Wisp Armour 
  • Superstar - Collect All 180 Red Star Rings

Source: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/13868-sonic-colors-ultimate

Taking a look through this, this again seems much easier compared to other Sonic games in terms of trophy lists, especially after Forces had so many grind-based trophies. It's more or less what you'd expect with 100% completion, as well as extra trophies for doing some random stuff throughout the game. Only ones I could forsee being much of an issue are the less than 3 hit trophies (Been awhile since I played Colours so can't remember how easy/hard the bosses were in that game), and completing an act without collecting any rings. Other than that, seems pretty manageable IMO.

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13 hours ago, Sonictrainer said:

This one sounds like it might be a challenge.

Just managed to unlock this one; if you take it slow it's possible on Tropical Resort Act 1. Just make sure to stay out of the middle during the 3D segments and avoid grinding on rails and jumping too much during the 2D segments. :) 

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1 hour ago, Dreadknux said:

Just managed to unlock this one; if you take it slow it's possible on Tropical Resort Act 1. Just make sure to stay out of the middle during the 3D segments and avoid grinding on rails and jumping too much during the 2D segments. :) 

Can confirm this - you have to be very careful during the 2D segments as doing well can take you to paths with rings. 3D segments are way easier due to the wiggle room to move away from the rings. Wasn’t too difficult but did have to make an active attempt not to go for the rails and such.

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I'm already 60% done, plat should pop this weekend. Overall good list, thank god they didnt implement daily missions like in forces. I also like the fact that you need to S rank ecerything, which isn't as easy as I remember but still not that hard.

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