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The animation is pretty awesome. There is actually a bootleg Mega Drive version of Mario Bros, which was then altered to have Sonic




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Given that this is less of a discussion and more of a personal project, I'm moving this thread to Showcase.

In response to the video itself, I'd say you're off to a good start - if I had to say how it could be improved, I'd point out that characters often come to abrupt, complete stops pretty often rather than decelerating naturally into place, which doesn't look quite right in either game. Sonic's normal and fire flower sprites are also at an artstyle mismatch with one another - I'm assuming you didn't make the spritework yourself, so you could probably have fixed this by having the standard form using the Sonic 3 sprites that the fire flower form was clearly based off of.

Otherwise you're doing fine so far. Keep it up. o3ob

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