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Making a Post about Selling Very Rare Sonic Figures Allowed?


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I understand if this is considered spam, but I am curious whether I am allowed to make a post about a selling of sonic action figures as they are incredibly rare/significant. For context, these are the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Joyride figures including the prototype. I thought I would make a post to the community about this in case people were interested, but I also see how this could be spam. Just want to be sure before I post!

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Hi! And welcome to the Sonic Stadium! :) 

You can offer to sell any merch you have on here, we have a special forum dedicated to this called SSMB Market Place. However, this forum only becomes available to members who have been here for a while and has accumulated a number of worthwhile posts on this forum (so that we don't just get spammers coming here just to sell stuff). So, make yourself at home, become part of the community, and soon enough you'll be able to enter the Market Place forum and sell your stuff. Enjoy!

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