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Wario Land 4/Shake Dimension-inspired fan game?


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I was thinking about the Wario Land series, specifically the last two games, recently, and I got the feeling that this formula could be adapted nicely into a Sonic fan game. For those unfamiliar, WL4 involve running through a level, collecting 4 fragments of a gem, and a key which opens the next level. Getting all 4 complete gems in a 'passage' (like a zone/world) with 4 levels, opens the boss door. At some point, in order to progress, you have to toggle a switch, which blocks up certain areas and opens others, but also introduces a time limit with a dash to the exit. I suggest you look at some videos in order to get the idea. WL TSD is similar but themed differently.

Anyway, the fast pace and momentum of this game could fit Sonic gameplay well. Wario can roll into a ball on a slope, and use it to attack enemies, access areas with entrances too small to walk through (although he can crawl as well, but this is slow), and break objects. He can also run, and when enough speed is gathered, smash though blocks. Sonic could smash through blocks if he reaches a high enough running or rolling speed. Wario also has a ground pound-style attack, which Sonic also utilises in the boost games, and certain blocks can be broken only from stomping from a high enough height. Perhaps a homing attack could also be utilised.

Other areas in WL games can be accessed only though certain power-ups. For example, Wario can only break certain blocks if he is on fire, he can fly as a bat, or as inflated with a bee sting, or access very small areas when flattened (yes these games are weird). However, most of us don't want to see anything like this happen to our favourite blue hedgehog. However, a set of limited-time power ups, like Wisps (yes I know they are overused but I think they could work here,) or new monitor powers, could be used to access other parts of the level for collectables or progression. Alternatively, character-swapping with different move-sets could be utilised, or the levels could simply be explored.

So here's my idea for the game. Each Chaos Emerald has broken into 6 pieces and spread across 2 Acts. Sonic (or other characters) runs through the acts, exploring the levels to find the fragments. The design would be similar to normal sonic games, but with occasionally branching pathways or basic puzzles (hopefully not breaking up the flow of the game,) to find the fragments. At some point the switch would have to be toggled, opening the exit and a new path back. Returning safely would open the second act. If all the fragments are collected, the boss act will be unlocked. If not, the play will have to go back into the levels and find them. If the levels are complete, the player would not have to beat the level again. They would be able to exit with the collection saved. Once all 7 zones are beat, Sonic can go Super, and face the final boss.

This is only a baseline, and I don't have the expertise or time to make a full game. I just wanted to raise the idea, and hear your thoughts. Feel free to ask questions and speak your mind. Thanks for reading.

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