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Sonic Channel October 2021 Calendar: Sonic & Silver in Kingdom Valley


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Silver helping Sonic from falling in Kingdom Valley

Translated Story Link - Part 1: https://t.co/UdRe0bxTt3?amp=1

2021 Calendar Checklist

  • January: Sonic & Tails in the Green Hill Zone (Sonic 1)
  • February: Sonic & Knuckles in Angel Island Zone (Sonic 3&K)
  • March: Sonic & Amy in Twinkle Park (Sonic Adventure)
  • April: Sonic & Vector in Apotos/Windmill Isle (Sonic Unleashed)
  • May: Sonic & Cream/Cheese in Music Plant Zone (Sonic Advance 2)
  • June: Sonic & Metal Sonic in Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure)
  • July: Sonic & Shadow in Mission Street (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • August: Sonic & Rouge in Eggmanland (Sonic Unleashed) 
  • September: Sonic & the Wisps in Windy Valley (Sonic Adventure)
  • October: Sonic & Silver in Kingdom Valley (Sonic 2006)

Who do you think Sonic will run into next and where?

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  • Sonictrainer changed the title to Sonic Channel October 2021 Calendar: Sonic & Silver in Kingdom Valley

I think Blaze for November, and Eggman for December.

Having Eggman at the end would be a nice way to finish this story, and Blaze is one of the last big important heroes they don't have used.

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