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Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog coming to Blu-ray (Discotek, February 2022)


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Milton Knight accidentally tweeted about a Blu-ray release of AOSTH coming from Discotek and it should be noted

Today is Discotek Day where they show off upcoming titles. I don't know if AOSTH will be a part of it but I figured I would start a thread for this. 

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Discotek putting out the DiC titles would be really cool, and would match with other video game inspired US series they've done like Ruby Spears Mega Man. Not sure if I'd double dip on them, since I already own all of the Shout Factory sets and I assume these would be SD on Blu-ray rather than remasters, but definitely awesome for those interested.

Hopefully we can see subbed Sonic X and the OVA at some point in the near future.

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I am guessing they are going to be close original quality? After a certain point (mid 90s), it's hard to make the HD version that much better. Even some stuff from the early 2000s is grainy on rereleases.

Not complaining though! It's always good to get more media. Just wondering. 

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  • Zaysho changed the title to Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog coming to Blu-ray (Discotek, February 2022)

I don't need this. I have the three Shout Factory sets. I like AOSTH, but it's not top tier for me the way SatAM and Sonic X are. I don't care that Discotek is my favorite distributor and the new set has incredible, god tier packaging. I just don't need it.

*Pilot* *TV Commercials* *Commentaries* *MORE*

...FINE!! Take the money! You already know you're going to get it! It was overkill after the pilot! Why are you this perfect Discotek? Why can you do know wrong?

*Notices English dubbed Lupin III Part I blu-ray* Of course!

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