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[Fan Mix] Sonic 30th Anniversary Music Mix (Out NOW)


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The Sonic franchise has inspired millions of people, kids and adults, and much of this is thanks to its awesome soundtrack, which rarely, if ever, disappointed. Not only that, but also influenced a lot of my musical tastes, and I may have never give much of its value, so I thought nothing more fair to dedicate a mix with some of my favorites songs from the franchise.

I tried to compile some of the most popular Sonic songs from the past 30 years into a flow mix of about half an hour, despite prioritizing some of my favorites.

I know I'm late to the party for the anniversary, but hey, not even the 30th anniversary game is out, so shut up


  1. Masato Nakamura - Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog (Demo) [Taken from Sonic 1 and 2]
  2. Masato Nakamura - Green Hill Zone (Demo) [Taken from Sonic 1 (16-Bits)]
  3. Masato Nakamura & Yuzo Koshiro - Green Hill Zone (8-Bits) [Taken from Sonic 1 (8-Bits)]
  4. Yuzo Koshiro - Bridge Zone [Taken from Sonic 1 (8-Bits)]
  5. Masafumi Ogata - Green Hills Zone [Taken from Sonic 2 (8-Bits)]
  6. Masafumi Ogata feat. Keiko Utoku - Sonic - You Can Do Anything [Taken from Sonic CD (JPN)]
  7. Masafumi Ogata feat. Momo Michishita & yasu - Brand New World [Taken from Sonic - Remix and Sonic CD (2011)]
  8. Pastiche - Sonic Boom [Taken from Sonic CD (USA)]
  9. Masato Nakamura - Unused #10 [Taken from Sonic 2 (16-Bits/Unused)]
  10. Tee Lopes - Lava Reef Act 2/Hidden Palace [Taken from Sonic (3) & Knuckles and Sonic Mania]
  11. Richard Jacques - Sky Sanctuary [Taken from Sonic (3) & Knuckles and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed]
  12. Richard Jacques - Back in Time [Taken from Sonic R and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed]
  13. Richard Jacques feat. T.J. Davis - Back in Time [Taken from Sonic R]
  14. Jun Senoue - Twinkle Park [Taken from Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies' Island and Sonic Adventure]
  15. Jun Senoue - Pleasure Castle  [Taken from Sonic Adventure]
  16. Crush 40 - Live and Learn [Taken from Sonic Adventure 2]
  17. Jun Senoue - Casino Park [Taken from Sonic Heroes]
  18. Tomonori Sawada & Runblebee - Sonic Speed Riders [Taken from Sonic Riders]
  19. Julien-K - Waking Up [Taken from Shadow the Hedgehog]
  20. Tomoya Ohtani - Crisis City Act 1 [Taken from Sonic Generations and Sonic '06]
  21. Tomoya Ohtani - Cool Edge -  Day [Taken from Sonic Unleashed]
  22. Kenichi Tokoi - Planet Wisp Act 1 [Taken from Sonic Colors]
  23. Tee Lopes - Lights, Camera, Action! [Taken from Sonic Mania]
  24. Tomoya Ohtani - Arsenal Pyramid (Interior)[Taken from Sonic Forces]
  25. Crush 40 - Open Your Heart [Taken from Sonic Adventure]
  26. Dreams Come True - Sweet Dream [Taken from Sonic 2 and Sonic '06]

Running Time: 32:36

The mix is supposed to be uploaded on SoundCloud, hopefully, until around 15:00 GMT of Friday, October 1st 2021. I, of course, will add it on the post as soon as I upload. Hopefully, I'm also not going to be tagged and/or struck for copyright infringement, despite SEGA uses to be cool with this. But if so, I'll try a last chance to upload on another service.

I think, for now, that's it. Can't wait to share this with you all on Friday!

It's here!


If you have the weird feeling some tracks are different from what you remember, I did edit some of these, sometimes changing completely the structure of a song, as well edited to a shorter length for a more paced mix. The idea was also to keep a chronological flow into Sonic's history over those 30 years, but you may notice some songs were swapped, also to help with the mix flow.

I also think most transitions between Sonic 1 and 3&K are still pretty weird/rough, but it gets better later, I promise, so don't give up on the first 5 minutes of listening.

I hope you enjoy and can't wait to recieve your feedback!

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6 hours ago, NikoS said:

I really liked your medley, the transitions are specially delightful to listen to, well done

Thanks for sharing :)

Glad to know you enjoyed it! Made my day!

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