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Buildable Sonic Advent Calendar

Blue Blood

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Monkey Destruction Switch

Wow. That does look amazing - a combination of a gorgeous statue and a great concept. Though, it is a bit funny to think of Sonic being headless and you having to wait until tomorrow to give him his head xD

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Badnik Mechanic

So urm... This just arrived!

I will be doing a video on this!

But one thing I will say, it's collector friendly, you can open it/build it without opening the doors/destroying the packaging!

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Badnik Mechanic

Took a while but here it is.

I'm honestly quite surprised at how much I enjoyed this. Building the statue is so rewarding and it actually looks really good and is really secure once it's completed.

There are a few issues but nothing that I would say mean you should pass it up, in fact one of the issues I highlighted I manged to resolve myself due to not having a piece put in correctly. 

This is an absolute must buy for collectors. People who are not that into your merch. I would strongly consider it just because this is such a unique experience. 

I ended up enjoying this way more than I did the 30th anniversary Diorama, it was just so rewarding finishing the construction.

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