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The 2021 Sonic Christmas Jumper is here!

Badnik Mechanic

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So in what's becoming a bit of a tradition, a new Sonic Christmas jumper has just been revealed.

Official Sonic The Hedgehog Fairisle Christmas Jumper / Ugly Sweater


Now these are LIGHT YEARS ahead in quality from the very first one this company made, in fact every jumper since that first one has been utterly amazing, and this one also looks like it's made from the ones released in recent years. Yeah these are publicity shots but they have also included a few close up shots so you can see the design appears to be 'sewn in' instead of printed designs that they did for the original jumper.


It's currently up for order on the UK Sega Shop and Via Just Geek which posts to North America and a few other worldwide destinations. Links are affiliated.

Bare in mind, the price is normally quite high on these but they do tend to drop close to December and even go into bundle deals.

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