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Do you think the soap shoes are better than Sonic's normal shoes?


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Used once as a sponsorship deal between Soap Shoes and Sega/Sonic Team to use a custom pair of Soap Shoes for the latest Sonic Game, 2001's Sonic Adventure 2

It has been used since but a  following of people who think it's great and some think it is better than his normal shoes

Personally, I believe that their great but won't top Sonic's iconic pair. 

What about you? Do you think the opposite?

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  • J.R. changed the title to Do you think the soap shoes are better than Sonic's normal shoes?

The soap shoes worked for SA2, both fitting in with that game's aesthetic, as well with the introduction of a new ability for Sonic in grinding. But I am now going to take the opportunity to get up on my soap box and complain about things.

ATTN art people assigned to work on various Sonic projects: stop fucking around with Sonic's shoe design. Boom did it, and it looked like shit. The movie did it, and it looked like shit until they made his shoes look more like they do in the games. Fan games keep adding green lights on the heels of Sonic's shoes. Please stop! Neon green is not part of Sonic's color palette just because your favorite game slapped some random shit on Sonic's shoes and called it a day. Please have some respect for an all time great character design. Please don't be Sega. Thank you.

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I mean, they're iconic specifically to his Sonic Adventure 2 look, and I definitely have an attachment to them because Sonic Adventure 2 was my re-entry to the series after only having limited contact with it for latter half of my pre-teen childhood - I'd never mod back in his regular shoes for SA2 or anything, they look weird to me there.

But... yeah classic is best overall and suits his design better.  In fact they probably only REALLY work in Sonic Adventure 2 because they're made up of a relatively simple shape with just texture work over the top of it.  At modern levels of detail, they'd look out of place.

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The Soap shoes are kind of novelty and are *very* early 00s but I think they should stay in the early 00s. Sonic's normal shoes are good, though please don't make them as shiny as they were in '06. His modern shoes are good, and even novelty shoes like the ones in Riders are ok, but only in the correct time and place. In honest, I wouldn't be opposed to a few cosmetic flourishes on Sonic, or even something like Chip's bracelet, but those should be options, not attached to his model during a 4 hour play through. 

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