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How would YOU rewrite Sonic Forces?


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Alright don't beat around the bush. We all know that the Sonic Forces is either one or THE worst Sonic story of all.

I won't even get started, it is just slimey and gross and a joke compared to the story of games like SA1 or 2.

I always think of ways Forces could do better. Which is sad due to the extreme levels of hype Sonic Forces got. So you, how would you rewrite Forces. 

I won't be surprised if it your answers will be as long as an entire college essay.

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It's been a while since when I played Forces, so I don't remember all the details, but my take would be this:

-I wouldn't change Infinite and Shasow's part, just write it better to make it less cringe-worty.

-I would tell about Silver's future, ruined again, and the fact that he returned to Sonic's timeline because his psychokinetic powers somehow are the only thing that can fight off Infinite's illusions, even if just partially. He would be the one telling to the resistence about the illusions in the first place.

-During the fight with Infinite, Silver would break the Phantom Ruby on his chest and a fragment would fall into the grass; Infinite would notice the crack only later in the game, and the rookie would find the lost fragment of the ruby instead of a prototype. Said fragment would be later studied by Tails and he would build a device that can break the effect of the phantom ruby by causing an interference. The rookie is still the only one who can use the power of the fragment because when he found it, it was still charged with energy and by touching it he created a bond with it, so the device has to be activated by him.

-Prototypes would be cut from the story completely, they make no sense.

-Knuckles would still be the leader of the resistence, but Tails would be in place of Amy, organizing all the things and planning strategies. The two would often have contrasting opinions where Knuckles usually pushes more for action and batttles, while Tails prefers planning more and waiting for the right moment. The operation big wave would be the result of Knuckles not listening to Tails and then learning from the error.

-Tails would not become depressed, instead he would grow stronger. The fact that Sonic is not with them anymore changed him: he wanted to be like Sonic, now that Sonic is not there anymore, he feels the responsibility of being the next hero, like him... he's still insecure and scared, but he still pushes himself into doing things because "this is what Sonic would have done".

-Amy would be upset about Sonic being missing, and since she "feels" he's still alive, she would go out all alone searching for him regardless of the danger. She's the one who gets attacked by Chaos and saved by Classic Sonic.

-I would show Sonic being tortured, though the tortures would be like putting him into a room full of traps similar to the final boss of Sonic 1 (both versions). Even though he manages to destroy the traps all the times, they would still come back next time because they are illusions. I would later use this as an exploit to justify Sonic being stronger (not failing to Infinite anymore) after he manages to escape from the Death Egg: Eggman had fun with "torturing" him, but it ended up being a training instead.

-I would reduce the Chaotix, Omega and other characters' roles to just cameos (part of the army) because they really are unnecessary to the storytelling. The part of damaged Omega, tails being unable to fix him, and them him being fixed without explanation would just be cut all together.

-I would let Tails explain that the illusions aren't really just illusions, but temporary parallel universes which overlap with reality, that's why they hurt for real to persons who are absorbed into them; this is also stressing the time-space structure and might eventually cause the whole universe to collapse (it especially becomes a real danger near the end when they overload the ruby in order to generate the sun), but Eggman doesn't care of the risks. Classic Sonic would be Sonic from a different timeline/past instead of dimension, and his presence would be explained as an effect of the time-space damages caused by the ruby; as the ruby gets destroyed completely, he disappears back to his time.

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I had a few things in an older thread that were meant to tidy up what story was there that I can dig up.

I know some of it involved remnants of Sonic's torture by Zavok, Cream being present during Classic's introduction, and I think a Chaos boss fight.

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