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Life Size Double Statue


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Hello everyone, 

Im in possession of a double life size statue of Sonic and I'd like to have few information about it. 

I cannot find any price estimation for it so I'd like to know if you have any idea of it, or maybe if you know some website able to give me the information.

Thank you very much for reply, I hope I'm at the good place to talk about this subject.

Best regards  


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Hi! Can you post some photos of your statue so that we can see it? I removed your PDF attachment (please do not re-upload it).

We're the kind of community that cares more about collecting and sharing information about Sonic merch rather than learning about its value for selling purposes. We do have a forum where you can sell your merchandise with other users, but this is locked for new users to ensure that only trustworthy established members can do this within the community.

Someone might be able to provide more information about your statue, but without any more details it will be difficult to help you out here. Please share more with us in the form of details and photos and someone may share what they know.

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Hi! Thank you for your reply! 

I understand that you might be upset by my question and I'm sorry about it. I'd just like to know some places where I can have information cause I have no idea of what I possess, and it's not easy to find anything on internet about it. 

All the information I have are : 

- It's a Muckle figurine 

- About 30 to 40 of it were created according to the manufacturer 

- 2 meters high (approximately) 

- I'm the first owner of it (so its new, still in package) 



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Badnik Mechanic

Hole... Lee... Sheet...

Ok so..

That was made around 2011 to promote Sonic Generations, there was one at a few conventions around the time and I think one maybe 2 were given away as prizes.

I didn't think there was as many as 40 let alone 30 but these things were rare.

Value wise... No idea. It's a case of whatever someone is willing to pay. The biggest issue is the size of it. Yeah a collector may want it but unless they got the space that's a problem.


The PDF file you previously uploaded. Was that some kind of documentation for the statue? If so, can it be found online anywhere?


Edit: wait... is this also you?



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