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Should there be more games based on Sonic characters, like Shadow the Hedgehog (2005)?


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Should there be other game based on Sonic character? Shadow's game did really make a huge splash. But nowadays more people want better representation of Sonic's friends. As the don't appear much in Sonic games much nowadays.

Do think that SEGA/Sonic Team should give another shot at the independent Sonic character games or just be added in larger Sonic games?


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There should be, but the time for doing such projects has passed a long time ago, developments costs juts ballooned and games takes longer to develop, so you don't see a lot of spinoff those days in general, we barely get main sonic games as is, so focus should -rightfully so- be on developing main games

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I still find topics like this a little funny.

"Yo, Sonic lovers, would you be interested in getting more Sonic stuff?"
"Hmm, now that you mentioned I do like Sonic."

Only negative responses you'll get from people who simply don't trust Sega do make a fun game with them.

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BubbleButt TV

never gonna happen

it's a risk vs. reward thing. You can spend a lot of money making a Charmy Bee spinoff series but from a business point of view, it's not worth it if it doesn't seem like it will sell well.

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King Conne

A game featuringKnucklesand a lot of echidnas (R.I.P. the Nocturnus, I'm so sad)!!...
It would be great if Knuckles could meet and team up his doppelgängersfrom other universes (Sinbad, Gawain, Treasure Hunter Knuckles)!!...
It could be a mix between a platformer, a fighting game and an exploration game!!...

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Spin Slasher

I think it would work, but here is my Idea for a Sonic Spinoff Game based on E-123 Omega would be fine, It might really work as a First Person Shooter because Everyone in the Sonic Community loves First Person Shooters and the Sonic Character "E-123 Omega" is a battlebot like E-102 Omega and the E-Series of Robots by Dr. Eggman. 

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