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The Comprehensive Web Games Thread

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With the decline of platformers came my retreat to the internet which I quickly figured out is chock full of games to waste time on. I also figured out that most were shit as well, but like everything else there's some gems that makes the scouring all the more worthwhile. But here, let's cut out the middleman. You can list and discuss your favorite web game and site recommendations, inquire about hints or web games that you're searching for, and, if prompted, challenge other members' high scores. For extra clarification, games with huge time investments such as MMOs, or ones where you must sign up and/or pay for are not desirable here. Also, try to be a little extensive in your conversation as I'm sure listing topics here can be a bit wishy-washy otherwise.

Rose & Camellia: You're a common woman who's just lost her husband, and the aristocrats living with you torment you over this. You're frustrated and set out to reclaim your husband's house by the most logical means possible-- A slap fight. You have a limited time to move, so quickly hit the attack or defend button when prompted and enact some swift mouse maneuvers to gain the upper hand. Word is there's a sequel out there, but I've not been able to locate it....


CANABALT: Mechs are fighting and subsequently destroying a city, prompting the hero to enact his kickass free running skills as he tries to escape the carnage in one piece. Running is automated and the actual city is neverending. Thus, you're only scored on the distance you can travel, so try your best to jump across chasms, over debris, and through windows without error.


Final Ninja: Nitrome.com's magnum opus. You're the eponymous ninja who sets out to defeat his corrupted master. You're armed with a grapping hook that allows you to climb and swing, shuriken, and an invisibility cloak. The ease at which you can move around the levels and fight is appropriately addicting and the game's major strength. And if you're further interested, here's its prequel.


flOw: The original Flash game where you play an oceanic microorganism whose sole purpose is to eat, dive deeper, and evolve. Obviously it's quite limited in comparison to the PS3 version, most notably in that you're only allowed to play as two creatures-- The snake and the jellyfish. However, it still manages to retain the relaxing, casual, and atmospheric charm that the developer is known for.


Too Many Ninjas!: Another ninja game? Sure, why not? This is a very addictive little reflex game I just found. I'm supposing the rest of your clan died against the infinite onslaught of monkey ninjas, and instead of running you do the smart thing and decide to stand your ground against them. Use the arrow keys to deflect physical attacks and shuriken. How long can you last? My personal best is 71.


Momma's Diner: Yet another in a long line of Diner Dash knock-offs*, Momma's Diner has you seating, serving, and cleaning up after customers in as timely a manner as possible. The twist here is that you control two people-- Both Momma and her head chef handle the floor and the bar respectively, so you must watch two areas at once. Needless to say, the challenge racks up very quickly as a result.

And that's what I'm currently playing. Anyone else want to add to this meager stockpile?

* I would really like some recommendations to other Diner Dash knock-offs out there. These multitasking/catering games just never get old for me. :3

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I guess I'll follow the format of the first post to maintain the style of the list.

Portal: The Flash Version: It's Portal. But in flash. That z-axis getting you down in the real Portal? Well then return to the warm and fuzzy retro comfort of only dealing with 2 dimensions of space. 40 levels and just as many features as the real Portal.


Line Rider: Draw tracks using your mouse for the rider to, well ride. It may seem simple but it takes skill to create tracks that are both complex and interesting to look at.


Fantastic Contraption: Just what it says on the tin. Your job is to get a piece from the start area to the goal by building machines from gears/wheels that turn forward, backwards, or follow the flow of the machine, and both flexible and solid connector rods. It's simple to learn but provides a lot of entertainment since most levels can be completed with all sorts of different machines.


Yeah, I like physics based games.

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I'll have to get all the standard junk out of the way with:

Ultimate Flash Sonic: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/151706


N Game: http://www.addictinggames.com/ngame.html


Metal Slug Flash (Japanese ONLY): http://www.mofunzone.com/online_games/metal_slug_flash.shtml#


All are awesome, and all will keep you distracted for hours on end!

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I've found something of a holy grail of web games it seems, these are all surprisingly good.


Full 3D browser games. Highlights include Paper Moon, Time Donkey, and Off-Road Velociraptor Safari. All the games are absolutely worth playing though.

Velociraptor Safari has you playing as a velociraptor that drives around in a safari vehicle using a giant flail to kill other velociraptors and collect points and do tricks. Time Donkey has you playing as an ordinary donkey that discovers a portal in the mexican restaurant he works at that pulled all the tacos to another world. Gifted with the ability to rewind time to create replays of yourself that perform the actions you did, you must get all the tacos back.

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GROWCUBE as well as other GROW games.


These are just addictive and cute games in which you have to find the correct order of items to use through trial and error mostly. It's really a lot of fun to see how the different combinations end up. CUBE is my personal favourite but I have yet to try the new one.

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