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Blue Blood

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So I've noticed a really annoying mechanic when I'm writing statuses on mobile (Android, Chrome). If you're editing a comment and click to move the typing cursor, the page will scroll down to the new comment box instead of to where you just moved the cursor in the edit comment box. And the page doesn't then scroll to follow as you type either. So every time you move the cursor you have to scroll back up to make sure the cursor is in the correct place. 

Is this something that's fixable? 

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Sorry, only just noticed this! That really is odd, is it still happening? Sounds like a bug in the forum software itself rather than a design thing... let me see if I can replicate it. Are you editing just any status update or does it need to be a comment in a status update thread? And is this happening on the specific Status Updates section/page (https://board.sonicstadium.org/statuses/), on a user's profile page, or on the SSMB homepage (via lightbox or something)?

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