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Sonic Stadium x Discord Integration Launches Today


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We have had a dedicated Sonic Stadium Discord server active for quite a while now, running in parallel with the Sonic Stadium website and message board. And it's been great to see the Sonic community grow through the channels we've created there. So many of you have taken the time to join and take part in the live conversation since we launched the server, and we want to make sure that we can enhance the experience whenever we can.

Today we've introduced a deeper level of integration between SSMB and our Discord server! Now you can:

  • Use your Discord account to register, and login to, a Sonic Stadium / SSMB Account
  • Connect and sync your Sonic Stadium / SSMB Account to your Discord profile
  • Catch up on the latest SSMB Topics on the Discord server's "forum-topics" channel
  • Stay up to date on activity on The Sonic Stadium on the Discord server

Joining the Discord server as a new member from today, using your Sonic Stadium / SSMB credentials, will get you into a special 'TSS Member' usergroup, which reflects your connected profile (and also gives your username a fancy colour - and maybe some more bonuses in the future). You can do that by heading to this permanent link - just make sure you're signed in:


In the near future, we're also going to be enhancing and evolving our Discord server to stage things like events and voice channel activities in parallel/cross-connection with the Sonic Stadium site and forums. We're always looking for ways to bring the Sonic community together, and I know there are many members who want to see some more community fun happen around here. So we're going to make more of that happen throughout the rest of the year.

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