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2022 Metallic Madness Bracket: Give Me Your Bad Games

GX Echidna

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Hey, all!

With us winning the semifinals in Tails Channel's 2022 Metallic Madness bracket for the community division, I have pledged to do a complete stream of Sonic 1 GBA on Stadium's Twitch channel.


Why would I do such a thing? Is it because I believe in the power and importance of this competition?


Is it because I love the community and want to support it in any way I can?


Is it because I take pride in writing for an outlet like Sonic Stadium?

Absolutely not.

It's for a much more pure and guiding reason: because I thought it would be the stupidest possible thing I could contribute.


But that's not the end of it. No. I pledged even more. We won the semifinals. But what if we also won the finals? And what if we then went on to defeat whichever movie character wins their bracket? And then go on to defeat SONIC HIMSELF (I actually don't know where he's placing in the bracket, I haven't been following that part very closely).

That's where YOU come in. No, not that guy responding to that 7-page thread, or that lady updating her status. YOU. If we're going to take this to the top, then I'll need bad games. Because every additional round we win, I'm adding another layer of suffering to the stack.

So either reply with your choice of these bad games, OR suggest your own truly reprehensible or unbearably painful BUT OFFICIALLY RELEASED Sonic game that a human could reasonably acquire and play in 2022 (so no fan games or mods in this particular circumstance). Admittedly, I have to limit myself to two hours total for whatever game, and while I'll take responses here into serious consideration, I still get final say based on feasibility of choice.

This is what I've come up with as potential options:

  • Sonic Jam for Game.com
  • Sonic and the Black Knight Multiplayer (I can't remember if it supports CPUs, so only if it supports CPUs)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog Multiplayer (if I can get it to work over Parsec)
  • Both Sonic games for the Sega Pico (and yes, I do have them and the hardware)
  • Every official Sonic Flash game I can find
  • Sonic 1, mobile phone JAR version
  • Sonic 2, mobile phone JAR version
  • Sonic's Schoolhouse (if I can get it to run)
  • All Stars Racing Transformed, Danica Patrick only (if for some reason you want me to play a good game in the weird way)
  • Sonic Forces Speed Battle, Only Zazz the entire time (gonna beat you like a drum)
  • Sonic Shuffle vs. all CPUs on Hard, on original hardware with full load times
  • Sonic Free Riders (if I can get it properly set up)
  • Sega Superstars (the PS2 Eyetoy game, if I can get it properly set up)
  • Somari for NES (yeah, I know what I said before in the criteria, but this is the one exception)
  • Sonic 06, Sonic Boom, Sonic Labyrinth, or whatever game you want to say just to be controversial in a group of Sonic fans, but come on, we can do better
  • Any other recommendations your demented minds can contrive

But, of course, we can't do any of this unless you vote, so tell me what you want to put me through down below, and be sure to keep an eye on Twitter when it's time!! (I think it's Sunday, March 27th, but I'm not 100% on that because I'm more invested in being an internet clown than in the actual poll results.)

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Well, a valiant effort was made, but alas, we did not win the finals of the Community bracket.

Thus, my pledge to stream Sonic 1 GBA will continue, but I won't have any additional nonsense to struggle though.

😉 Maybe next time.

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