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Recently I have got hooked onto blue sphere (aka Sonic 1 and Knuckles lock on) because of listening to the special stage music and falling in love with it.

I was just thinking about making a topic and was playing it, reached level 112. Getting perfects advances 10 levels which is key, and I wonder if I missed anything horrible or horribly epic. Level difficulty is variable, but even though it's frustrating, it's addictive as I try to get even further into the millions of levels.

Of course, they are all procedurally generated, but some blocks are horribly annoying. No matter how hard the times, the one thing that keeps me going is the hope of reaching even more levels out of the millions there are, and also the music :P

So yeah, who else likes blue sphere? Any levels you particularly like or hate? How far have you got?

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I once during a summer vacation years ago had nothing to do and decided to spend a three day marathon playing as far as I could through Blue Spheres. I did have a lot of fun, some of the stages pissed me off, but I remember at the end I managed to get to level 500-something (the skip ten feature is greatly helpful).

It's sometimes hard to believe these are all just generated... Some of them seem so cleverly made with some situations you would have to guess a person cleverly made into a puzzle or reaction time maze. Blue Spheres is more fun in short bursts than long ones, but Blue Sphere in Sonic 3 & Knuckles was my favorite special stage type, so happy there's a game dedicated to it.

Even if the game is very, very obscure. I mean yo need to hold down A+B+C just to play. I mean, not epitome of hard but there's no indication to do this, with the "No way!" screen and all. Still though, I do enjoy it and it's been a while.

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Blue Spheres is great. I'm pretty bad at it, but it's still fun to play every once in a while.

Hitting a red sphere when you've only got two blue ones left is the most frustrating thing ever, but nothing makes a person feel more alive than turning a bigass square of blue spheres into rings.

This thread has given me a desire to go play the game. Gonna go do that later.

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Blue Spheres? Favorite special stage ever. Really. Screw the sonic 1 maze and the Sonic 2 Half pipe. It's all about those blue spheres!!! I'm in love with it and I always have been. I think it's easy to get, yet very challenging. And getting perfects is awesome!!!

Also: "3253 1444 7528" is the best stage ever!!!

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Blue Sphere? God that was Tetris-level addicting. I just kept playing it as far as I could and though "damn, how many levels did they make?" It took me until like level 213 or whatever to realize it was algorithmically generated.

Okay, I lie, I looked it up on the internet; I only got up to level 8.

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I have an A4 sheet of paper hidden under my bed with Blue Sphere passwords written on it, but I gave up on it after about level 100; my insanely short attention span makes it difficult for me to persevere with such a monotonous game, and I eventually became bored with running across the same grid pattern, collecting the same blue spheres and hearing the same music over and over again - it just lost its appeal after a while.

It's not just Blue Sphere; I've never really enjoyed repetitive games, especially those that only offer a marginal difficulty increase as an attempt at longevity. For example Tetris, despite have an utterly brilliant soundtrack, nearly sent me to sleep with its boring line-making gameplay - I eventually lost the will to continue and leant on the down button. It was the same with Pac-Panic, Bejewelled, Puzzle League and Zoo Keeper - the monotony of those games bored me half to death.

Having said that, I did (and, to a certain extent, still do) have soft spots for Chu-Chu Rocket, Puyo Puyo, Columns and Mr. Driller - at least they had at least some variety, unlike Tetris and the TetriClones...

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I haven't played this for a while. I used to spend a lot of time trying to get perfect rings before finishing off the level. I would even dodge small sets and then forget how to get back to them and spend ages running around at full speed trying to find them!

My Mega Drive is behind me on the filing cabinet. I'm very tempted to set that up again this weekend :D

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