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New Theme: 'Red Vs Blue' Celebrates The Release of Sonic Movie 2!


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To celebrate the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 across cinemas everywhere (we got to see it a week or so earlier in the UK, but now fans in the US have a chance to watch it), we cooked up a new theme which will act as the default on the forums for a limited time. Called 'Red Vs Blue', it highlights the intense struggle between lead characters Sonic and Knuckles in the new movie.


The light version of this new theme focuses on the blue blur himself, with a colour scheme that is slightly different from those found in Stadium and Sonical in order to better match the slightly lighter tones on the movie's CG model. The navigation bar is highlighted to represent the electric current that runs through Sonic whenever he charges up his special power.


Switch over to Dark Mode though, and the heroes make way for the antagonists of Sonic 2. Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik reside in the header banner, with a deeper red background that helps differentiate the theme slightly from the existing Knucklehead skin. Again, the navigation bar is brightened up to highlight Knuckles' electricity - and the link colour gives a gentle nod to the pink/purple colour of the echidna's eyes.

You will also notice that the randomised mottos underneath the site logo will now focus mostly on Sonic Movie 2 quotes. Don't worry, there are no spoilers within any of these quotes (although if you have seen the movie already, you might get a chuckle from where each one is pulled from).

The Red Vs Blue theme will be the default Sonic Stadium theme for around a week, after which it will remain an optional theme for TSS Members to select whenever they fancy (if you want to keep using this theme after we switch back, be sure to register for a Sonic Stadium account!). The movie quotes will also be added to the larger motto rotation when the site reverts to the Stadium default skin.

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