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Owls/Battle Bird/Babylonian theory for film universe (warning: Spoilers inside)


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Okay, this is really, really dumb... but those scavengers in bird helmets from the pre-quill comic and the first scene in the movie that knuckles hired to help him find sonic and the master emerald... what if they were Battle birds/Babylonians? think about it; they were armored and used mecha suits in Tail's Adventure, and keeping them armored in the films and TV series would keep the budget down by allowing live actors/stuntmen to play them, instead of making a CGI army (except for the major ones like Jet, Wave, Storm, Speedy, Bean the defector, Dr Fukurakov, or the great battle Kuku- who we would all see in CG form). The battle birds/Babylonian concept ties in with the owls using the Babylonian Language in Sonic 2 movie in the Labyrinth Zone (which was deliberate, according to the film's creators) and could establish the owls as an offshoot of the Battle Birds/Babylonians.What if Longclaw and here Warrior owls broke away from the Babylonians after their ancient civilization fell (as seen in Sonic Riders) and the main decendants of the Babylonians became the battle bird empire?

I know, a stupid theory, but I noticed so many hints in the films, my brain just strung them together. Anyone else think these might be a possibility?

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This is actually a pretty cool theory and it would be an excellent way to bring the Babylon Rogues into the SCU. Because previously I didn’t think they even needed to be included but this definitely changed my mind.

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