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Sonic Heardle - Finally, one of these Wordle spin-offs that makes sense


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Discovered this little gem yesterday. Someone made a Wordle spin-off called ‘Sonic Heardle’, where you have to guess a Sonic soundtrack song based on segments of a clip.

You can play it here:


If you’ve never played Wordle (which was the original browser game that kicked the whole “___dle” craze off), it’s a simple daily game where you have to guess a five-letter word in six tries. ‘Heardle’ is the same concept but with audio, and Sonic Heardle speaks for itself.

Don’t spoil the current day’s answer in this thread but feel free to chat about how challenging it was in general. Yesterday’s I was able to guess in less than 1.5 seconds (it was Bridge Zone from 8-Bit Sonic 1), but today’s wrecked me. Took five goes because I spent ages trying to remember the name of the level it was from and then got the game wrong!

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I'm a bit frustrated with today's song. I knew what track it was so I tried searching for that, only for the correct answer not to come up. I had to end up entering the game it was from after a few attempts where I assumed something was wrong with my speakers (they're not in the best of shape on the device I was using at the time) or if the source used by Heardle was just faulty. I guess it just means I know for future songs to do that, but I wish there was a master list to pick from rather than typing the name in the search bar - even as a second option for those that prefer to just type it in.

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20 hours ago, TheOcelot said:

Lol, I've never heard of today's song and never played the game it comes from....

So I got it in 7.5 seconds 😅

Amidst all the Origins hype yesteray, I managed to forget about this. What was the track? 

Just completed today's and I'll be incredibly disappointed if anyone here can't get it in 1.5 seconds. It's probably one of the easiest. 

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Today's was kinda tricky on the very start, I was leaning towards other song, but got it after

Sonic Heardle #9 🔉⬛🟦⬜⬜⬜⬜

This is a fun game, I just wish we could do like, two or three songs in a row

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Sonic Heardle #31


Well, that was something


I am familiar with the acoustic renditions in the Black Knight OST (e.g It Doesn't Matter / Believe in Myself), this track tho, I forgot about it.


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