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Sonic TV Show (and the OVA) Memories and Nostalgia Thread

The Great Egg Emperor

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Around the mid 2000s I didn't know about Sonic X until I just came across it surfing through channels one Saturday. Instantly became a childhood staple!

I didn't know of the OVA's existence until one day I was at a store browsing a video kiosk. (also in the mid 2000s) I searched up "Sonic" and found a trailer for something called "Sonic the Hedgehog: the movie" with the trailer to watch. Later on I found it to rent at a video store and loved it ever since!

Heck, I didn't know about Sonic Underground until I stumbled upon a VHS tape of it at a drug store! I didn't love it, but its fun in its own way lol.

I kind of miss discovering stuff like that...

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Sonic X will always remind me of summer. I remember eagerly anticipating the late summer premiere of Sonic X when it first debuted in the US. And I remember the anticipation of the finale of that first season in late spring....waiting over the summer for the season two premiere and the adaptation of the adventure arcs...and then the excitement before the third season premiere and the prospect of finally seeing Sonic's world. It was such a great time to be a Sonic fan. I know some people consider that around the time of the Dark Ages thanks to Shadow and 06, but I'd absolutely take that over the mid to late 2010s when we had almost zero content for years.

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