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Sonic X: The Comics Were More Insane Than The Show

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I am dead serious here.

The show was already extremely insane but with the comic, it was a full on gag series. I mean, just look at this:


But you know, the comics were actually really good and better than the show.

Chris is used far more sparingly, and the jokes are surprisingly witty. This might be due to the fact that they could get away with a lot more than what the show did, since this was a comic book. It is honestly worth checking out, even if you are not a fan of the show

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The art was also blatantly reusing redrawn art from the show in the earliest issues. 

I'm not too much of a fan of what this series did, but its definitely much better than the show it's based on, so I'll take it. 

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It's slightly better than the show, but it still doesn't fix the problems that I have with Sonic X.

Quoting myself.


As a die-hard Sonic X hater there are two things about Sonic X that make me straight up hate the show.

1. The two worlds crap(the first five minutes of the first episode before the characters get sent to the human world are the only good moments in the whole series).

2. It's Chris not Sonic that is the main character.

It kind of fixes my second problem, since Chris gets less panel time. But it's still not a good comic.

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15 hours ago, Kuzu said:

The art was also blatantly reusing redrawn art from the show in the earliest issues. 

True, but it was still early in the comic's run, so can you really blame them?

The covers for the comics are really vibrant and expressive though


Then again, Patrick Spaziante was one of the best artists in Archie Sonic history

Issue 24 was the only cover not done by him. That was done by Tracy Yardley and Terry Austin, with coloring by Josh Ray.

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5 minutes ago, Slashy said:




I always feel like the people who say the comics are so funny and wackier than the show never watched much of the first two seasons especially with the original Japanese version as 4kids cut out many of the gags for content or time.


Oh please.

I can outdo that:


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