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I don't suppose anyone here living in South London area saw one of these in a charity shop a few years ago...?


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So long story short, while I was away at Uni my Dad's girlfriend moved in and without consulting me at all seemed to just "throw away or donate" (no idea which one) a load of things in my room which I had not prior put into a box and put in storage.

Things like the first and only PC I made as a kid which of course I never got around to clearing or even saving whatever pictures or such I had on there, as well as this... My prized possession which my Dad got for me as a kid. He used to work in finance at SEGA UK and was able to get me things like this. It hung pride of place on my far wall in my bedroom and was something I was going to have up in whichever house I finally settle down in as an adult. But nope. I learned recently that it's gone and has been so for while since after all this time when I first enquired of it's ware abouts was told that it was either in storage in the attic or under the eves. After a recent phone call I found that this was just a lie as to not bring up problems between his gf and me... (there's already a huge rift between my sister and her...).

So anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone happened to see and even purchase this from a charity shop around the Surrey, I'm guessing Wallington area...? I very much doubt I'll get it back but I figured either here or Reddit might be my best shot! And even if I can't get it back to know it's in a good home would at least give me some solace. 

Sonic 3 standee.jpeg

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Firstly, no, I'm afraid not. I don't even live in the right country.

Secondly, damn man, I see why you would want that thing back! That's an awesome item. Promotional stuff like that that wasn't made for the average consumer is often the closest thing that us video game nerds has to the props and stuff that movie nerds go for. Like, something authentic from video game history other than the commerically made end-products themselves.

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Oh my GOD, I'm so sorry that you lost something like this. It's amazing. Can totally see why you want it back.

Hopefully someone who lives nearby can help do some digging and find this for you - do you know roughly when this might have been given away? I fear that it might have travelled some distance if it was a long time ago...

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I don't know for certain, but something like that may have been sent to the central hub that most charity shops have.

It's fate would have been decided there, if it were sent to another shop. Kept in wearhouse for auction or... the third option.

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