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Best of Sonic BUT Miscellaneous

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When talking about Sonic as the franchise we think games, comics, cartoons, animated shorts. movie. But we all know that he's soooo much more. Is every single Sonic t-shirt or coloring book is worth remembering? Probably not. But in last decade we had things like

- Sonic Twitter with the great Takeovers
- Sonic Channel with lovely artwork, especially comics for 25th anniversary and stories for 30th
- Enclo-Speed-Ia
- BumbleKast (which isn't "officaly Sega approved", but close enough)
- Tails Tube, most recent additions.

And I just wonder: if I would join franchise in 2040, would I know about those things? Are there amazing Sonic products that I missed right now?

So I'm asking all of you on this forum: What are best Best Miscellaneous element of Sonic Franchise? Anything that is even half-official and is/used to be fairly important or is just really good and should not be forgotten.

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For me it's easily Sonic Channel, specifically those beautiful artworks they publish on Twitter; those little stories and comics as well.

I like the style and the settings, and especially they show us more of Sonic's world, in a way that games most of the time can't do, including moments when everything is calm and there's no evil plan or ancient demon menacing the world.

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One thing I was positively impressed to know it was a thing before I fully joined the franchise was Night of the Werehog. I guess the same can be said about Sonic Mania Adventures, Team Sonic Racing Overdrive and Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps nowadays. It's so great to see they returned, and I might even dare to say the best free thing the franchise has to offer.

Similarly, pretty much all the goodies on Sonic Jam's Sonic World was enough to let my 10-year-old Sonic fanatic hectic. Similarly, there are the Sonic Gems Collection museum and Sonic Mega Collection Plus extras.

And going to the unofficial side of things, I definitely believe there are a few Sonic hacks every Sonic fan should at least play once. I think everyone can agree there are a few Sonic hacks/fan games which are equally good, if not better, than some official Sonic games. Although you mentioned the Encyclo-speed-ia, I think we should be grateful what amazing sites like Sonic Retro, Sonic News Network and Sonic Stadium are for fans. There are things I would never know if these sites didn't go after the most obscure stuff Sonic has ever released.

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20 hours ago, batson said:

Vector the Crocodile's obscure apperance as a DJ in the Maple Town anime:


Don't forget when a mahou shojo visited South Island (or Cocoa Island, decide yourself)


It's from Minky Momo, which ironically predates Sonic by far, so it's either a big coincidence or a developer secretely took inspiration by some magical girl anime for the design of the islands in Sonic games lol

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