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We Finally Found Him... Silver the Hedgehog Theme 'Kinetic Psycho' Returns to The Sonic Stadium!

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It's no use! With Sonic 2006 making a surprise return to the Sonic News headlines this week, we thought it was fitting to focus on bringing back this time-travelling hedgehog theme from yesteryear. Silver fans, rejoice as you will now be able to browse The Sonic Stadium using our remastered 'Kinetic Psycho' theme!

Kinetic Psycho.png

Like all of our remastered site themes, Kinetic Psycho brings back classic character headers and colour schemes from The Sonic Stadium's past, but remixed to suit our new 2022 site design. As you can see, Silver the Hedgehog features prominently in the title banner, and while most of the site follows his trademark silver design, the navigation banner adopts the aura of the hero's special power as an accent colour.

Kinetic Psycho (Dark).png

Switch to Dark mode and you'll notice that we draw on Silver's darker hues (mostly found around his eyes). We wanted to also make this particular theme feel a little different to Dr. Eggman's "Hard Boiled" dark mode, which is more grey in tone compared to this one.

As with any other character theme on The Sonic Stadium, Kinetic Psycho is available to all users with a TSS Account. If you don't have one already, why the heck not!? Simply sign up for an account, then find the Theme Select option at the bottom of any page on the right side of the navigation bar and select your favourite character. Enjoy!

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1 hour ago, KHCast said:

Did the theme button get moved somewhere on mobile? It’s not where it usually is, and I was wanting to swap to this theme :(

Sorry! We're trying to get it to work on mobile again, but it has been moved - you can find it in the mobile menu now, next to the notifications and message icons! :) 

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