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DAY 7 - Fan Game Favourites 1: 3D Games [30DOS22]

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Only one I've played is Sonic Robot Blast 2, but it really is an amazing game. The modding scene always keeps me coming back, Blaze and especially Marine were fun to play with. The game excels in platforming, it makes it fun and engaging. Once you get the hang of the camera and all it's solid to control, though it does have a bit of room for improvement. Sonic's speed thok is the reason I like playing him most, it really opens up the level design. A lot of the level themes are really unique and I quite like them, most notably Castle Eggman and Arid Canyon, I wish we saw more of these. I also really like the special stages. I haven't played NiGHTS, but these are really fun and are special stages I really like to do, even outside of the base game. All in all, SRB2 knocks it out of the park. I know this is kind of a typical answer but it's for good reason. This game has had its impact on the Sonic community, to be sure. 

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Yeah, I gotta give it to Sonic Robo Blast 2.

I've been watching the development of the game since I was a kid, I remember when the special stages had you running around to collect every ring in the stage before the timer was up. It was far worse than I could make it sound, the current NiGHTS inspired special stages are leaps and bounds better.

It may be one of the oldest of Sonic fangames, but it still remains relevant today because of how good it really is, and how much better it got over time. Version 2.2 was a game-changer, adding slopes to the game and revamping everything. Honestly, I can't see anything topping SRB2, it knows what it wants to be and does exactly that, and provides a full experience from start to finish that feels exactly like a 3D interpretation of the Mega Drive trilogy.

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Okay, I missed a lot of days due to getting a bit lazy, but, screw it, I'll blast right through this since I've got nothing better to do.


Unfortunately, there aren't many 3D Sonic fangames to really go around... But one that's always caught my attention was a certain Classic Sonic 3D Adventure by ChishadoGames. 

It's a very unique spin on the Sonic formula, especially in 3D, as it takes after Mario's own Super Mario 3D Land and World games. When I laid my eyes on its development, I was kind of blown away by the concept: after all, if something like this worked for Mario, could it work for Sonic? The answer may well surprise you, so give it a go if you haven't!

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