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Brad Buxer Further Comments on Sonic 3 Soundtrack - Most of the Music "I Did Myself"


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This is the meaty bit but the whole interview is on Abbey Road Institute's YouTube channel.

Brad Buxer spoke to Abbey Road Institute in Paris back in May and talked about his professional relationship with Michael Jackson. As part of that topic, he uses a Sonic 3 anecdote to illustrate how a lot of the work attributed to Jackson was developed by Buxer instead - what Buxer calls the 'blank slate' approach to their collaborations.

We covered it on the site here, but here's the major quotes.


[We had] the most harmonious musical relationship you could ever imagine,” Buxer says, before recalling an anecdote about the origins of the song Stranger in Moscow which involved a cassette tape of the entire Sonic 3 soundtrack.

With Stranger in Moscow… [Michael and I] were in Moscow performing… I knock on his door and I had under my arm a cassette player. I’d been doing all the SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog [Sonic 3] cues… the way Michael works, is that he tells SEGA that he’ll do it [the soundtrack], and then he says [to me], ‘Brad, you do it,’ right?

I think we did one cue [for Sonic 3] with Michael together – one. The rest I had to do it myself. So I had the cassette on me – I had 41 cues done – and I said ‘I’m sure you want to hear this Sonic the Hedgehog [music]’ and he said ‘No, just play something.'

The rest was history. Well, Stranger in Moscow's history anyway.

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Gotta pick some holes in the links to Origins.

1. It was uploaded in May. The interview was actually in April.

2. I've dug a little further, and I'm pretty sure it's part of a series of events tying into the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, which was June 25th. Here's some stuff on it.

It's certainly interesting, but I think it's largely coincidental in its timing just due to the fact that MJ's death was around the same time.

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it is amazing that Hard Times fit with the graphical style and mood of Ice Cap!!  and of course that he recognized it somehow. 

The Act 2 mixes with all of that use of empty space are interesting in Sonic 3 specifically because they never felt lacking, it made those second acts feel larger and more important somehow!!  That being said @Sean posted a link to these custom mixes which i have never heard and they bring the Act 2 style of the rest of Sonic 3K to Brad's three compositions and they are quite wonderful!! :o :) 


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