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DAY 9 - Comic Panel of the Week 2: Cliffhanger [30DOS22]

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16 minutes ago, Sean said:

Mecha Madness was my first Archie Sonic issue and for the longest time I had no idea what happened after this. It seemed like it was going to build up to an exciting storyline where Sonic breaks out of jail and is on the run from the Freedom Fighters... but issue 40 which I read later in my teen years just ended up being a lame slapstick ruse between Sonic and Nack and he clears his name in a Sonic second. Way past lame and not at all what I had hoped as a kid! But I guess they did end up using the fugitive idea in Endgame but Endgame sucks so it doesn't count

Don't worry, we've got a great Sonic busting out of prison, and being on the run from the authorities arc in Archie!


...it counts, right? 

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I gotta say, there's no bigger cliffhangar than discovering Sonic The Comic *after* it was cancelled (but not knowing that at the time) and reading scans online in the early 2000s and then they just...





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This isn't a true cliffhanger in the traditional sense, but the one that comes to mind for me was that Sonic Mega Drive anniversary 3-parter story which never saw a conclusion before the overall cancellation of the Sonic license with Archie. Luckily for me, they were able to get out issue 290 before that cancellation since it meant I got to see an adaptation of one of my favorite classic games Sonic CD.


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Yeah, IDW Sonic has far less focus on cliffhangers than Archie or Fleetway. But still, I think there were some good endings out there. Here is issue #24 when the Metal Virus was at its bleakest, Tangle is lost, and Starline turns on Eggman.IDW24a.thumb.png.7ac8fbe35bb3f286de7e6812503d8c46.png

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Now I've had some time to contribute to this topic, I wanted to bring a cliffhanger that sent chills down my spine as a kid. And it's not even from a mainline Sonic comic strip!

Fleetway's Sonic the Comic had great Sonic stories, but often they would really go to town with solo Tails and Knuckles arcs as well. Knuckles' side stories in particular often ran concurrently with Sonic's, and were pretty dramatic in their own right - often setting things up for Sonic to take care of in the main strip later down the line. As it happens, my favourite cliffhanger happens to be from a Knuckles strip in STC #58.

During this arc, Knuckles teams up with the Chaotix crew to investigate the growing threat of the Metallix (read: Metal Sonic) army, which in the Fleetway universe had grown a sort of unified collective artificial intelligence (think the Borg, but with Sonic-looking robots). This was the birth of the Brotherhood of Metallix, which would later go on to conquer the Miracle Planet (what Fleetway called Sonic CD's Little Planet) and turn it into a technological wasteland. In this issue, Knuckles and the Chaotix are betrayed by Nack the Weasel, who offer the heroes up to the Brotherhood in return for a reward. When that's not forthcoming, Knuckles and Chaotix take matters into their own hands.

However, they did not truly defeat the Metallix. This final page in the Knuckles strip had me hanging on the last panel, wanting to know more about what was going to happen. I think it's the shot of a hundred Metal Sonics in an organised group like this that had grabbed me in particular.


God damn, STC was great.

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