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TSS REVIEW: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into TSS REVIEW: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I at some point.

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Posted By: EngiNerd

What, no love for Lost Labyrinth 1? 😛 Enough other people have mentioned it in the comments though  As for the music in general, the only reason I don’t remember parts of it offhand are that I have the iPod version and half the time I can’t play with sound. And, while I’m a big fan of the genesis games, there are still a few tracks I don’t remember straight off… like, right now, I’m blanking on Spring Yard, Starlight, AND Scrap Brain. Primary reason I remember, say, all the S3K music by heart is the Project Chaos album… and this is from someone who listens to SSR CONSTANTLY.

I didn’t have much of a problem with the spindash … because I didn’t use it *that* often. I have trouble doing a proper spindash with these touch controls, so that’s a slight problem, but that only became a real issue in LL3 and MG3, and then it just took practice. The bosses are AMAZING, particularly Lost Labyrinth, it’s not easy to make something that’s difficult yet enjoyable at the same time. The physics, well, I have no complaints with them … the game flows wonderfully, it feels very fluid and smooth. I would give this at least 9/10, possibly higher. My biggest complaint of the game? Casino Street 2. That was just lazy…

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Posted By: HeroInferno

*Looks at the “You’ll love” section* Take THAT everyone who hates Homing attack!

Anyways, I give it a 9.6/10 - my favorite scene was going Super Sonic for the first time in a 2d Sonic game for erm… ever, but I agree the length is not long at all and bumpers in this game are PURE EVIL at times. I’ll review Sonic 4 as a whole game once all the episodes are out. 

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Posted By: Derek

A rather well put together review for Sonic fans by a Sonic fan. I pretty much agree with all the points you hit at. I expected to be playing the game for weeks, but was disappointed when I stopped playing about 4 days after buying it. The game is fun and super nostalgic, but the physics really put such a hurting on the experience. Every time I start to have fun with the game the physics end up ruining the moment. Aside from those points there’s fun to be had here, and the Mad Gear Zone is brilliant (I even enjoyed it way more than the original Metropolis Zone), but I’m definitely anticipating Sonic Colors even more now.

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Posted By: Takus

I don’t really have a problem with the game. It was very enjoyable though it does have its drawbacks. To me it’s just nitpicking.

  • Sonic’s speed wanes when you let go of the stick/DPad
  • Physics are a tad bit off since you can’t gain momentum by just going back and forth in half loops.
  • Plus, I don’t think Sonic is supposed to stand in quarter loops. Last time I checked, you need to mash the spindash (no rhyme intended) to get going again. Lastly, when you spindash off a platform, Sonic should fly off it rather than just drop off them.
  • The Egg Station probably could’ve been kicked up the challenge a notch if they decided not to include checkpoints and rings.
  • One more level would’ve been awesome.
  • Finally, at the ends of boss fights in stages, they could’ve linked the levels together like they did in Sonic 3. It would make the transitioning between levels make a little bit more sense, but then again Sonic 2 did that, so I guess I’ll let that one slide.

Other than all that, I’d have to say this was well worth 1200mspts in my book. A lot of things in the game surprised me. The chaos emeralds weren’t piss easy. You actually have to work for them and that’s the way it should be. Having Eggman revamp inventions and levels being not too similar just feels right for a sequel. If all of Eggman’s attempts failed in the last few games, this is a great way to revive the franchise. Way to go Sega.

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Posted By: SonicOverlordUK

I’d only give the game maybe a 7/10.

My opinion is more or less the same as that of the review. I really enjoyed the game but it really wasn’t worth 1200 Microsoft Points in my opinion, it was far too short. 12 stages, 4 bosses, the major boss and the special stages as FLEW by. The physics were off (compared to 1,2 & 3) and I said a number of “words” when I kept falling into spikes or to a horrid height death when I expected Sonic to keep moving forward and not drop like a piano out of a window.

But to be honest I was humming the Casino Zone Act 2 music whilst reading this review so I disagree there.

But still a fantastic review mate!

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Posted By: Eiji

This review is really great. The only thing I really have to say that isn’t in this review is that the game is actually longer than an hour (at least for me it was on the iOS version) and that the soundtrack really isn’t THAT bad. I’ve probably played the game for about 20+ hours since it’s release on the App store.

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Posted By: d00dlebug

Brilliant review, as usual lol I think you pretty much said exactly what I felt as well, although my opinion of the music was a bit more positive. He has been working with different tools for quite a few years now after all lol

And as for the trolls, I think to be honest I’ve figured out how to make Sonic good again: get a more appreciative fanbase lol after all, Sega IS trying their best. Sonic 06, rushed. Sonic 4, given a longer production.Recent games, trying to take the series in new directions (which I personally found to be quite fun). Sonic 4/Colours, sticking to core gameplay of the originals while giving new flavours to spice things up. Recent games, adding extra characters to every game (somewhat hit and miss). Sonic 4/Colors, sticking to fan-favourite characters. They’re working solely on Sonic’s gameplay mechanics till they get it right and allowing the overall storyline of all the core characters to move in new and interesting ways

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Posted By: Ben (aka Rio)

Just echoing what others have said here. This looks like a very well-written and fair review, and whilst I don’t actually have Sonic 4 yet *shock horror* just reading this allows me to imagine exactly what it must be like.

My hopes for episode 2, despite not having played episode 1 yet, are:

  • Tails playable
  • Fix the physics
  • Livelier soundtrack
  • “Lock-on” compatability with episode 1 or an eventual physical release of the whole thing in one go.
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Sonic 4 really wasn’t that bad. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of a 2D Sonic game that wasn’t a boost-fest (although I find those games to be fun <_<")

It's nice to see everyone's opinion get voiced though. This game certainly isn't a godsend to the community, although you have to admit, a lot of the media and the more nonchalant fans are gobbling this game up. It's definitely a good thing for Sonic's image to the public, whether or not the physics and level design is 1:1.

Looking forward to episode 2, and the hopeful prospect of an ice level! (I hope!)

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Posted By: Frostcat

True for the overall homage part but it’s not actually a bad thing. After all, it is $15 if you think about the point system for XBL. If this is true, there should be four episodes in total. Add it all up and it’s $60 altogether. So it’s a really good game for in intro, let’s just hope it get’s more original levels and proper free fall physics. (Following Indigo’s hope for an Ice level)

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@ Crackers: “I admit I was baffled for about 2 minutes trying to spin my way up a halfpipe in Casino Street. :P”

So it WASN’T just me then! 

I’ve only played through the first act since buying it on the 360 launch day, and I know that isn’t enough to make an informed decision yet, but at the moment it doesn’t feel right. The fact I have been spending more time replaying S3&K and Sonic Fan Remix suggests Sega missed the boat on this. It doesn’t make me want to come back for more.

Also, going straight from an original Mega Drive Sonic game to this doesn’t feel like a sequel, no matter how much SEGA hype it up to be. I think I’d have been more happy playing it if the game hadn’t been so rammed down my throat as the game I’d been waiting 16 years for!

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